Google Pixel 8 Pro might have a big Camera update

The Google Pixel 8 Pro launch is just around the corner and rumor has it, from the courtesy of the renowned Samsung tipster Ice Universe, that the 8 Pro might get an update on its main camera.

Pixel 8 Pro might be getting a giant Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensor, measuring 1/1.12-inch and 50MP native resolution. It will be 12.5MP after binning, you’re looking at an intense 2.8 µm effective pixel size – way bigger than the 1/1.31-inch detector on existing Pixel 7 Pro.

This camera sensor from Samsung in Pixel 8 Pro could be the biggest camera sensor in any Pixel phone.

The Samsung GN2 camera sensor is quite a capable sensor. Add to this, Google’s software magic. This could surely make the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro a camera champ.

Currently, the trend of 1 inch (2.54 cm) sensor in smartphones is getting quite popular. It seems tons of premium smartphones are going for 1-inch sensors. So, it does make sense for Google to beef up the snapper on its high-end Pixel phone. Even though the Google Pixel is already a great photography phone, thanks to great AI algorithms and computation from Google.

That said, Ice Universe didn’t share much more – we’ve just gotta keep patient and wait for the scoop! While this camera update is great news, we are also expecting updates to the Google Tensor processor and also the battery.

This leak again concludes Google is not good at keeping secrets related to its new devices launch. Recently, the full specs of the upcoming Google Pixel Fold were also leaked. Furthermore, Google Pixel 7a also got leaked. Both of these devices look exiting for sure.

But now with some more information about Pixel 8 Pro as well, Pixel fans can expect more leaks before the actual launch of Pixel 8 Pro.

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