• SSD Vs HDD Lifespan, reliability other factors. Which is better?
    Is HDD better or SSD? SSD Vs HDD lifespan? To all this questions I would say there is no straight forward answer. Choosing the right storage with better lifespan isn’t just about reading the package of your hard drive and warranty given by, manufacturers. There are other things to consider as well. So, lets dive […]
  • Smartphone and laptop Battery Myths – all your doubts cleared finally
    Let’s talk about smartphone and laptop battery myths you have and need to stop believing them now. Before going ahead. Sit back and look around. You’ll see your surroundings is full of electronic devices which make use of batteries. Specially your smartphone and laptop which have become so dear to you. Should you always drain […]
  • How to improve webcam quality ?
    So, you are looking for ways to improve your webcam quality. Okay, you are just fed up with your Laptop webcam. Making you look grainy and villain like in your online meetings or Zoom calls. I have been there. I tried exploring all the ways to improve the webcam video quality. In fact, I also […]
  • Why is Laptop webcam poor even in 2021?
    Laptops webcams poor? Do you wish your Laptop webcam had better video quality? Yes, I know. I also wish the same. But unfortunately we all are still stuck with that grainy low quality videos of us looking like villains in our meetings. While Virtual meetups are the new normal. But, laptop Webcams apparently are making […]
  • Lenovo Legion 5 Laptop : AMD version is the better choice
    Lenovo Legion 5 is one of the better choices of the performance/gaming laptops available worldwide and India as well. Overall Lenovo legion is a great package. AMD version is the better choice compared to the intel version. Quick Specs of Lenovo Legion 5 Specs Lenovo Legion 5 AMD 15ARH05 Dimensions and Weight 363.06 x 259.61 […]

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