Lost before the Battle: Intel Core Ultra 5 125H “Meteor Lake” CPU Loses To AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS at 65W

Intel’s upcoming latest offering, the Core Ultra 5 125H “Meteor Lake” CPU, is gearing up for a great showdown in mobile processor arena currently dominated by AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series, in particular Ryzen 7 7840HS. However, early benchmarks leaked by none other than Lenovo suggest that Intel might need a bit more rocket fuel.

The Core Ultra 5 125H Specs:

The Core Ultra 5 125H, a product of

  • Intel’s innovative 4 process node,
  • boasts a 14-core constellation (4 P-Cores, 8 E-Cores, and 2 LP E-Cores) and 18 threads. It’s not just about the numbers, though;
  • with a 3.6 GHz base clock and a 4.5 GHz boost clock,
  • plus 20 MB cache,

This chip aims to pull ahead of AMD Ryzen mobile series processors.

But wait, there’s more: it houses the Intel Arc Xe-LPG integrated graphics with 7 Xe-Cores. Configured at a 28W TDP, it’s a big leap for Intel integrated graphics.

Leak by Lenovo

The benchmarks were released by Lenovo in popular Chinese social media Weibo post.

Lenovo claims that the 65W TDP design on their laptops can deliver up to 47.1% performance boost in benchmarks such as Cinebench R23 however the max difference in-between the 28W & 65W designs is an uplift of around 30% for the CPU and 15% for the GPU. The company also states that these results were carried on a Yoga Pro AI 2024 laptop.

Benchmark Battles: Ryzen beats Intel at 65W

When it came to benchmarks, the Intel Core Ultra 5 125H did outshine its sibling, the Core i5-13500H, but AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840HS seemed to be better. Despite being an 8-core CPU, AMD’s offering outperformed Intel’s in all multi-test benchmarks.

Arc iGPU Up To 18% Faster Than Radeon 780M

The only consolation for Intel was in the graphics department, where it led by up to 18% against AMD’s Radeon 780M iGPU.

Benchmark Breakdown: (Source – Tieba Baidu):

Benchmark NameRyzen 7 7840HS (65W)Core i5-13500H (65W)Core Ultra 5 125H (65W)Core Ultra 5 125H (28W)
Cinebench R15 (MC)2308217922661916
Cinebench R20 (MC)6309562856904373
Cinebench R23 (SC)1800180516891630
Cinebench R23 (MC)16473142641477112703
3DMark Time Spy3007153035483077
3DMark Fire Strike8543530390958432

Intel’s Arc powered iGPU: Step in right direction

While Intel might need to navigate some turbulence in the CPU space, its integrated graphics unit shone brightly. The Arc Xe-LPG 7-core GPU at 65W outperformed the 8-core variant at 28W, Arc iGPU are upto 18% Faster than Radeon 780M. This hints at exciting potential for future Mini PCs and handheld devices.

The Big Picture: Game over for Intel before launch? or Intel still reigns gaming.

As we count down to the launch, it’s essential to remember that benchmarks are just one piece of the puzzle. Battery life and thermal performance are also crucial when choosing a laptop. While Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs show promise, especially in iGPU performance, the real test will be how they handle real-life workloads.

Also, the AMD AMD Ryzen 9 8945HS and Ryzen 5 8645HS benchmarks have already been leaked and looks good. Is it game over for Intel before even launch. Nope, lets wait for official launch and then compare the real world performance.

Intel Meteor Lake Mobile Family: A Glimpse Into the Future

Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake mobile CPU lineup is shaping up to be a mix of power and efficiency.

Intel confirmed the launch of Meteor lake mobile processor at Intel Innovation 2023 along with next desktop and mobile processors lineup Arrow Lake CPUs.

Meteor Lake processors (mobile only) and Raptor Lake refresh (for desktop), will be both stated for launch in December 2023.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Intel Meteor Lake mobile family:

CPU NameProcess NodeCore ConfigurationThreads (Total)Base / Boost ClockL3 CacheTDP
Intel Core Ultra 9 185HIntel 46+8+2 (16)223.8 GHz / 5.1 GHz24 MB45W
Intel Core Ultra 7 165HIntel 46+8+2 (16)223.8 GHz / 5.0 GHz24 MB28W
Intel Core Ultra 7 155HIntel 46+8+2 (16)223.8 GHz / 4.8 GHz24 MB28W
Intel Core Ultra 5 135HIntel 44+8+2 (14)183.6 GHz / TBD20 MB28W
Intel Core Ultra 5 125HIntel 44+8+2 (14)183.6 GHz / 4.5 GHz20 MB28W
Intel Core Ultra 7 155UIntel 412+2 (14)142.7 GHz / 4.8 GHz24 MB15W
Intel Core Ultra 5 135UIntel 42+8+2 (14)142.1 GHz / 4.4 GHz12 MB15W
Intel Core Ultra 5 125UIntel 4TBD18TBD20 MB15W
Intel Core Ultra 7 164UIntel 4TBD22TBD24 MB9W
Intel Core Ultra 5 134UIntel 4TBD18TBD20 MB9W

Final Thoughts: A Cosmic Conundrum

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs are poised to make a splash in the laptop market. While leaks do show AMD still king in low power but for Intel still has got edge in peak power and IGPU performance is also great. However, the real results will reflect when the processors are compared in real world.

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