Asus Launches ROG Swift OLED PG34WCDM – Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor


Following the announcement of new gaming OLED monitors during CES 2024, Asus has launched another ultra-wide OLED monitor. This is a smaller version of the earlier unveiled ROG Swift OLED PG39WCDM which is a 39-inch ultra-monitor with 800R curvature and 3440 x 1440 resolution.

ROG Swift OLED PG34WCDM Specifications

ROG Swift OLED PG34WCDM is a 34-inch ultrawide 800R curved OLED gaming monitor with 3440 x 1440 resolution. This resolution on a 34-inch display sounds very tempting to hit purchase on because of the high PPI and good curvature.

ROG Swift OLED PG34WCDM is a 34-inch ultrawide 800R curved OLED gaming monitor with 3440 x 1440 resolution.With a DCI-P3 99% professional colour gamut, DisplayHDR True Black 400 compliance, and true 10-bit colour reproduction, the monitor ensures outstanding colour performance and contrast.

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Featuring 3rd generation ROG OLED technology, the PG34WCDM delivers a remarkable 30% increase in brightness compared to its predecessors. The Clear Pixel Edge algorithm reduces red and green colour fringing, particularly on text and lines, enhancing overall image clarity.

The inclusion of a custom heatsink and enhanced airflow design not only ensures optimal operating temperatures but also minimizes the risk of panel burn-in, guaranteeing the longevity of the display.

The monitor incorporates user-friendly features, such as the ROG-exclusive uniform brightness, maintaining consistent brightness levels even when changing the size of bright white windows.

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The ROG Smart KVM software allows users to control two input devices using a single keyboard and mouse, facilitating superfast USB 3.2 file transfers between input sources. The ASUS DisplayWidget Center software simplifies monitor settings and OLED Care functions through an intuitive interface.

The PG34WCDM offers a variety of connectivity options, including DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression (DSC), HDMI 2.1, and USB-C with 90-watt Power Delivery, making it a versatile hub for gaming setups. NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility ensures tear-free visuals with low latency, and FreeSync Premium Pro further enhances the gaming experience.

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