Samsung and LG showcase Transparent TVs at CES 2024

Are transparent TVs the next thing in the world of display tech? Samsung and LG both have showcased Transparent TVs at the CES 2024. Both LG and Samsung unveiled prototypes that showcase the limitless possibilities these transparent displays hold.

LG Signature OLED T

LG’s Signature OLED T comes in just one size – 77-inch. It can be wall-mounted, standalone, or integrated into custom shelving. Its motorized contrast screen toggles between a transparent state and traditional OLED perfection.

The user interface, distinct from standard webOS, accentuates the display’s transparency, showcasing floating app icons. Utilizing LG’s Zero Connect box, it separates internals wirelessly, allowing the OLED T to seamlessly blend into its surroundings.

While LG aims for a release this year, pricing is expected to be high, following the trend of previous OLED models. Questions linger about picture quality compared to other LG OLEDs and the practicality of a see-through display for everyday use.

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Samsung Transparent MicroLED Display at CES 2024

Samsung showcased a mesmerizing display, featuring vibrant blobs, fireworks, and other visuals that seamlessly allow see-through capabilities.

Described by James Fishler, head of home entertainment at Samsung Electronics America, the transparent screen resembles glass but comprises Micro LED chips, eliminating seams and light refraction.

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Alongside this innovation, Samsung unveiled non-transparent 76-inch and 114-inch Micro LED models at CES. Notably, the existing 110-inch Micro LED 4K TV is priced at approximately $150,000, hinting that any transparent version would likely command an even higher price point.

Transparent TVs and microLEDs are still not mature enough to enter the mainstream but it is interesting to see what the future can be with companies pushing the limits of what displays in TVs and monitors can be.

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