Users of Twitter Blue can now access updated Spaces with podcasts

Twitter has started to roll out the updated Spaces with podcasts. Through the early access Labs feature of Twitter Blue, iOS users can test out the new interface element. The tab combines recorded and live spaces and even provides a number of well-known podcasts that you can access right from the app.

The feature was only accessible to a small number of users after Twitter Spaces’ redesign was first announced in late August. In order to test the service, Twitter has now made it available to Twitter Blue subscribers with iOS devices, enabling users to listen to podcasts, audio stations, and Spaces audio.

When Twitter Spaces first debuted, it was a live audio conversion tool for people. The space could accommodate an infinite number of people, and there was a host and occasionally even co-hosts. In order to accommodate its podcasting aspirations, Twitter opted to rework the area in August. The business updated the Spaces tab with personalized hubs that feature a variety of content options, including music, news, sports, and other alternatives. While maintaining the original Spaces audio platform, the company additionally added live and recorded material.

The new revamped Spaces.

The updated Spaces tab provides user-specific “Stations” that compile material based on a variety of categories, including news, music, sports, and more. The suggestions you see are based on the subjects and influencers you follow. Users of Twitter will now have access to a tailored selection of recorded and live Spaces. Additionally, the hubs will have the top podcasts from around the globe.

You will notice three parts as soon as you access the revised Spaces Tab. You can listen to various themes and Topics by selecting one of the Stations at the top of the page, which scrolls horizontally. The Spaces focus, which features a selection of the best selected audio content, can be found below that. The list of forthcoming events is the last.

The utilization of user data by Twitter to promote podcasts is what makes Spaces intriguing. To enhance their listening experience, listeners will be able to like and dislike the content. According to research conducted by Twitter in August, approximately 45% of its users were podcast listeners. If it can adequately support the platform, this may make its new endeavor into hosting podcasts quite profitable.

So, for those who subscribe to Twitter Blue on iOS, you can now take use of the new Spaces and access selected audio and podcasts by enrolling in the testing function under Twitter Blue Labs. Blue users can currently post lengthier, higher-resolution movies and create an NFT profile photo using Labs in addition to Spaces. By subscribing to Twitter Blue, users can also access articles free from advertisements, a bookmarks folder, unique app icons, themes, an undo tweet function and more. People in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand can use Twitter Blue. Previously $3.99 per month, the cost has recently increased to $4.99 per month.