An upcoming report suggests Twitter may add an integrated podcast tab

Microblogging site Twitter is all set to launch a podcast tab, as shown in a screenshot posted by the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

An image of the new interface was shared by Jane Manchun Wong on Wednesday, showing how the feature works. According to the image, the tab is located at the bottom of Twitter’s mobile interface. The screenshot is intriguing since there is no separate tab for Spaces, which is something that appears in the current version.

Despite this, the screenshot does not reveal how podcasts would be displayed on the platform. We are also unsure whether podcasts will be integrated with Twitter Spaces. Currently, Spaces appear at the top of Twitter feeds. By organizing them into separate tabs, the UI will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Twitter began expanding out into audio with the introduction of spaces in 2020 and after the acquisition of social podcast company Breaker, it went even deeper into the medium. As part of its continual Spaces initiative, users are now able to create chatrooms and record discussions on mobile devices.

Essentially, Recorded Spaces are podcasts, but only for a limited time, lasting just 30 days. The podcast tab would allow users to select and listen to podcasts at their leisure, rather than being forced to catch a Spaces live broadcast or listen to recordings before time runs out.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years, so the addition of a podcast tab shouldn’t surprise anyone. Platforms such as Spotify have made significant investments in original programming.

In the Twitter community, podcasts can help marketers expand the reach of their brands. They can cater to the needs of the visually impaired. They can also be a valuable campaign tool for users on the go who prefer getting information through their headsets. Thus, the addition of a podcast tab will definitely benefit the platform.

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