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Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Team Yantra

Image sharing, one of the common things we do over WhatsApp. It gets a bit underwhelming when the high-quality image of our pet gets compressed and becomes poor quality when shared over WhatsApp.

No more.

WhatsApp is working on developing a new feature that would allow users to send photos in their original, uncompressed size and resolution.

The new option was found in the latest beta version of the Android app, and could finally give us all user’s the ability to send high-quality media over WhatsApp. This will also put an end to the compression that currently happens when users select “best quality” images or videos.

According to WABetaInfo, the new feature is included in the WhatsApp beta for Android but is under development and therefore not yet available to beta testers. As WABetaInfo found the feature as a new “Photo quality” setting within the drawing tool header.

If implemented, this feature would be a major boon for those who want to send high-resolution images and videos, as it would allow them to do so without any loss of quality.

Currently, WhatsApp compresses any image or video we share over it, even if it is “best quality”. Resulting in a loss of detail and resolution.

This feature would make WhatsApp much more enticing compared to iMessage for iOS users. iMessage allows sending high-quality pictures and videos to group chats.

I hope this goes live sooner rather than later

While the feature is still in development and there’s no timeline for its release,

There are some works around to send your image as high quality. Like you can simply send your image as file. It will get shared in full uncompressed version. You can follow full this guide on how to send uncompressed images/videos on WhatsApp.

This new feature could be the answer that many WhatsApp users have been waiting for long,

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