Mike Frazzini, Amazon Games studio head, steps down from a leadership role.

Mike Frazzini, a longtime Amazon.com Inc. employee who helped start Amazon Game Studios, is stepping down. Ryan Jones, a spokesman for Amazon, said the executive informed staff that he was leaving to devote more time to his family.

Mike was there at the beginning of Amazon Games, and his leadership and perseverance helped build the games business from the ground up,” Jones stated. “Our recent successes with New World and Lost Ark are the result of the long-term, customer-focused vision for games he helped establish. We are very grateful for all his contributions, and wish Mike the very best.”

Amazon games studio brought popular games like a New World and Lost Ark to the life that have been smashing hits in the gaming industry, all thanks to Mike Frazzini. Though even after producing such hits amazon games studio is yet to find its turf amid tough competition.

Amazon Game Studios was an expensive endeavor for the e-commerce giant, costing hundreds of millions of dollars a year, but for years failed to produce hit games. When he became director of Amazon’s gaming division, Frrazzini had only ever worked in Amazon’s book section for 2004. Each year amazon spends nearly $500 million to operate the gaming division.

PUBG and Lost Ark are the two most-played games on steam by concurrent players count in history, with Lost Ark passing one million last month. Its concurrent record is 913,634 players. Originally released in 2019 in South Korea, Lost Ark has millions of active players in South

Korea, Russia, and Japan.

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