In a single day, 50% of LinkedIn accounts associated with “Apple professionals” were deleted.

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LinkedIn has deleted more than 3 million fraudulent profiles. Users themselves were labeled as employers of Apple on these profiles. Let us inform you that 6 lakh people are registered as Apple Employers on LinkedIn. By removing fake accounts within a day, LinkedIn has reduced by half the number of profiles that name Apple as their workplace.

These accounts made use of profile information and pictures that were altered or fabricated from actual employees. In addition, the issue with false profiles on LinkedIn is not brand-new. False accounts claiming to be members of groups they were not have been used in an increase in fraudulent behavior. According to a study, the phony account and bot problem are so pervasive that big businesses have reported having significantly fewer employees.

In this instance, Apple’s LinkedIn account count fell from 576,562 to 284,991 in just one day. Additionally, Apple’s LinkedIn profile now lists 281,213 active employee accounts. A less precise number from 2021 is used on Apple’s website to describe diversity initiatives: “more than 165, 000 talented employees.”

In response to the fake accounts, Greg Snapper, a spokesperson for LinkedIn, allegedly stated that the network regularly takes action to remove false accounts and is constantly updating its systems to prevent them from going public. Although this is an ongoing battle, the platform has successfully stopped the majority of the fraudulent activity that has been identified, including about 96% of fraudulent accounts and roughly 99.1% of spam and scam.

By the way, Apple is not the first tech behemoth to experience such a sharp decline in LinkedIn’s “staff numbers.” In the same overnight period, Amazon’s “employee numbers” dropped from 1.2 million to 838,601. The dramatic drop in the number of LinkedIn profiles claiming employment at Amazon comes as LinkedIn is struggling to combat a significant uptick in the creation of fake employee accounts that pair AI-generated profile photos with text lifted from legitimate users.

Requests for clarification from Apple and Amazon were not answered. Regarding the account purges, LinkedIn refused to respond, stating simply that the firm makes ongoing efforts to maintain the site free of fake accounts. LinkedIn stated that there had been an increase in fraudulent activity on the network in June.

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