Intel’s next-gen Battlemage GPU Confirmed: BMG-10 and BMG-21

Intel's next-gen Battlemage GPU Confirmed: BMG-10 and BMG-21

Last Updated on July 12, 2024 by Nahush Gowda

A while back, it was rumored that Intel had canceled its next-gen Battlemage desktop GPUs. Well, those rumors were indeed wrong and we have confirmation on two Battlemage GPUs. Thanks to MoMo_US and the latest shipping manifesto leaks, we have two confirmed Battlemage Xe2 HPG graphics cards: BMG-10 and BMG-21.

Intel is slated to release new discrete gaming graphics cards this year. These cards will use the Battlemage-G10 and Battlemage-G21 chips, code names that have appeared in leaks and rumors for months

Where are Battlemage GPUs currently?

An internal roadmap leak by RedGamingTech first revealed details about Intel’s Battlemage chips. This leak indicated the BMG-G10 as an enthusiast-grade offering with a TDP under 225W, while the BMG-G21 was positioned for mid-tier performance with a TDP under 150W.

Source: RedGamingTech

Recent shipping manifestos appear to confirm these details. Additionally, reports suggest Intel’s BMG-G10 Battlemage GPUs are already undergoing testing. Development tools for these next-generation GPUs have been available since last year and are slightly larger than those used for Alchemist, hinting at a potentially larger package size.

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Battlemage GPUs expected specifications

Intel’s next-gen Battlemage lineup will utilize the Xe2 architecture, with designs for both “High-Performance Graphics” (HPG) and “Low-Power Graphics” (LPG) applications.

HPG will target discrete GPUs for laptops and desktops, while LPG will debut in Lunar Lake CPUs later this year. Early benchmarks of Lunar Lake indicate up to twice the performance gains over Alchemist.

Intel’s Battlemage GPUs are expected to feature up to 64 Xe2 cores, positioning the top variant as a competitor to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070. The scaled-down BMG-G21 die will likely target the RTX 4060 series.

Intel’s current Arc A-Series gaming GPUs offer strong performance-per-dollar and impressive VRAM capacity in the sub-30000 INR( $300) segment. Intel is expected to continue this competitive pricing strategy with its next-generation gaming line, likely priced under $500 US.

Stay tuned with Yantragyan for further news on Intel Battlemage!

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