Daniel Ek, the founder of Spotify, has ventured into the healthcare industry, and launched a new startup called ‘Neko Health.’

Spotify founder Daniel Ek has established Neko Health, a Swedish firm that specializes in offering body scans using artificial intelligence (AI). According to Neko Health’s LinkedIn profile, Daniel Ek founded the company alongside Hjalmar Nilsonne, who is also a co-founder and CEO of Neko Health, with the idea of creating a healthcare system that could assist individuals to maintain their health through preventive measures and early detection.

After four years of product development and research, the firm was formally launched. According to a translated version of Neko Health’s website, the Swedish company’s non-invasive full-body scanner can detect and monitor the growth of birthmarks, rashes, and age spots. It also employs a separate scanner to detect any anomalies in cardiac function, blood pressure, and pulse throughout the body.

“Our mission is to build a proactive healthcare system, one that is focused on preventing disease,” Nilsonne says in a LinkedIn post, citing rising healthcare expenses in Sweden and the European Union. The full-body scans, which Neko claims take only a few minutes, are currently available to the public in Sweden for 2,000 SEK (about $190 USD). The scans are currently sold out as of this writing.

According to the Stockholm-based startup, this method demands fundamentally reinventing the patient’s experience and leveraging the most recent developments in sensors and AI. The business claims to have invented a revolutionary medical scanning technology concept that allows for non-invasive health data collection. Neko Body Scan, according to the company, can provide a comprehensive health examination for clients with skin and heart difficulties at its first health center in central Stockholm.

“Early detection and prevention of serious illness would mean that we can avoid both human suffering and the high social costs that serious illness entails. With our technology and AI, that future is now a possibility. This could be the basis for a new era in healthcare stated Nilsonne. According to the firm, anyone with skin and heart difficulties can obtain the Neko Body Scan and a complete check of their health in their first health center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Neko’s website claims that it combines “more than 70 distinct sensors to create a complete picture of your health. We designed the system from the ground up, and it is only available at our gatherings.” The Neko Body Scan costs SEK 2,000 (about Rs 15,600), however, the company is temporarily out of scans, according to the company’s website. People can, however, sign up for the waiting list.

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