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A laptop is one of the most widely used types of technology and with good reason. It’s incredibly versatile, unlike other gadgets, and can be used for business, watching films, communication, gaming, and more. You name it, it can do it!

You’ll understand what we mean if you’ve ever tried to view a Netflix movie on your phone or type a report using the on-screen tablet keyboard. It can be done, but it’s not very pleasant!

A laptop, on the other hand, can do anything — but not all laptops are made equal. This article will go through the many types of laptops available, as well as how to best care for your laptop and the influence it will have on its lifespan and usage.

What Is the Typical Lifespan of a Laptop?

Laptops are subject to the same concerns. A laptop’s lifespan is estimated to be three to five years by most experts. It may last longer, but its utility will be limited as the components’ ability to execute complex programs deteriorates.

A laptop can slow down when its hardware catches up to being obsolete

If the way of the usage of a laptop still matches up with its present computer power, then it’s time to replace it. Some computers can still work for more than five years, but their capabilities may be reduced.

What Is the Relation Between Price and Lifespan?

Let’s start with this burning question. Will my laptop survive a long time if I invest more?

There is undoubtedly a link between the price of a laptop and how long it will last. However, it’s vital to note that most individuals feel the rule has a limit.

According to studies, a laptop costing less than ₹50000 ($700) will last 2-4 years, while a laptop costing between ₹50000 and ₹100000 ($700 and $1,200) would survive up to 5 years, and a laptop costing more than ₹1,00,000 ($1,200) will last up to 7 years.

Although there is a threshold up until where you will see any difference in the lifespan of a laptop. A laptop costing more than 1,50,000 will have the same lifespan as a sub-1,50,000 laptop.

Well, price is not the only thing that affects the lifespan. Why you use the laptop and your usage pattern affects the life of laptops too.

What You Use Your Laptop for Will Affect How Long It Remains Useful

So, the answer to the question of how long a laptop should survive is twofold: A) the type of hardware inside of it and B) what you want to use it for. The more demanding tasks you ask your laptop to accomplish (such as gaming, graphics design, video editing, and so on), the shorter the time it will be useful.

On the other hand, the less demanding the duties you require your laptop to accomplish (email, web browsing, video viewing, etc.), the longer it will be a feasible option.

The better hardware you get now, the longer it will serve you. Why? Because as the technology improves over time, better hardware will be more resilient and not go obsolete.

For example, a mid-range gaming laptop can last roughly 4-5 years, give or take a year or two if you are using it as a work and gaming laptop.

If you get a budget laptop with the only purpose of opening emails and light tasks, it can still last you around 4 years but if you use the same budget laptop for more demanding tasks like content creation and heavy multitasking, the age will reduce.

Another example of how hardware affects life is the usage of HDD and SSD. SSD started becoming popular around 4-5 years ago and if you bought an HDD laptop a year or two back, your laptop will be really slow by today’s standard and borderline unusable.

Another thing which affects the lifetime of a laptop is its maintenance during your time with it.

Taking Good Care of Your Laptop Will Help It Last Longer

If you want your laptop to last longer, make sure you take proper care of it. The following is a list of tasks you can do to keep your laptop in proper working order.

Regular maintenance of laptops will help it last longer
Regular maintenance of laptops will help them last longer

Clever Ways to Keep Your Laptop Running Longer

  • When your laptop is fully charged, remove the charging cable.
  • Every few months, open your laptop and clean it.
  • To help it run at lower temperatures, use a laptop cooling pad.
  • Food and liquids should not be brought near your laptop.
  • Antivirus software should be used. (Windows Defender is enough if you are careful while surfing online)
  • If at all possible, upgrade your laptop (more RAM, or add an SSD)

How Do Different Laptop Types Compare in Terms of Lifespan?

This, of course, varies depending on the type of laptop you choose. Varied laptops have different purposes, and this might wear out a machine’s hardware.

Let’s have a look at the prices and lifespans of the three primary types of laptops available.

Standard Consumer Laptops

A consumer laptop is your typical family laptop, which you will most likely use at home to stream video material, check email, and browse the web. They are typically the least expensive solutions, but that does not rule out the possibility of them lasting as long as gaming or business laptops. It simply means that they are designed for occasional use, and so the hardware within may not be as high-end as their business-oriented counterparts.

A standard consumer laptop costs a lot less and is apt for daily usage

Of course, more recent innovations such as Chrome Books, which operate entirely on Chrome OS, have reduced the requirement for hardware and made ultra-light, affordable laptops available to even the most limited of budgets, with the added benefit of extremely extended battery lives! 

A one-year warranty is standard on consumer computers, but you may be able to extend it if you so desire. A consumer laptop should last roughly three years if properly cared for. Continue reading for helpful hints on prolonging the life of your consumer laptop.

Business Laptops

Business laptops are precisely what they sound like: PCs that can be utilized for more demanding business applications. They typically come with a three-year warranty and are more dependable than consumer laptops. They might feature reinforced casings, for example, to help with excessive wear or the unusual bump on the regular commute. If they’re used for several hours at a time, they may also overheat less frequently.

Gaming Laptops

Best Gaming Laptops under 70000
A gaming laptop can last anywhere between 5 to 7 years if maintained properly

There’s a whole separate conversation to be conducted when it comes to gaming laptops. Gaming computers are significantly heavier, more durable, and cost a lot more money.

A mid-range gaming laptop would only last a few years before you need to replace it to play the latest games flawlessly. Even if you spend a lot of money, you should expect a gaming laptop to last for more than 6 years if maintained properly.


It’s critical to consider how long you want your laptop to last when making a purchase. A consumer laptop will typically be less expensive, implying that it will endure for a shorter period of time. However, you’ll be using it for less energy-intensive tasks, which will help it last longer.

A business-grade laptop will last longer and be more sturdy, but if you use it for gaming, you’ll shorten its lifespan by years. Developing a good laptop hygiene routine can make all the difference, perhaps prolonging the life of your laptop by years.

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