Google Pixel 10 to Get Tensor G5 Chip Made by TSMC, Leak Suggests

Google’s upcoming Pixel 10 smartphone line is expected to be powered by a new, in-house designed chip called the Tensor G5. This chip, according to a report from Android Authority, will be manufactured by TSMC, a major semiconductor foundry, rather than Samsung which manufactured previous Tensor chips.

The evidence for this comes from a publicly available trade database that lists a shipment of Google Tensor G5 samples to Tessolve Semiconductor, a company in India that specializes in verifying and testing semiconductors. The codename “Laguna Beach” (LGA) is mentioned in the shipment manifest, which aligns with previous rumours about the Tensor G5.

The leak also suggests that the Pixel 10 could come with 16GB of RAM, which would be a significant upgrade from the Pixel 6 Pro’s 12GB. This move to TSMC could be a sign that Google is looking to improve the performance and efficiency of its Tensor chips. TSMC is known for its cutting-edge chip manufacturing technology.

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While the Pixel 10 is not expected to be released until 2025, this leak suggests that Google is making good progress on the development of its next-generation smartphone chip.

This is the first time that Google has designed a chip completely in-house. Previously, Google partnered with Samsung to develop the Tensor chip. The move to TSMC could also be seen as a way for Google to reduce its reliance on Samsung, a major competitor in the smartphone market. It is still early in the development process for the Tensor G5, so the final specifications of the chip could change.

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Overall, this leak is an interesting development for Google’s Pixel smartphones. It suggests that Google is committed to developing its own custom chips and that the Pixel 10 could be a significant upgrade over previous Pixel phones.

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