Google for India event: Google introduces multi-search and in-video searches to India.

Google announced today that it is expanding its multi-search capability to India, allowing users to search using both images and text. At the Google for India event on Monday, the firm announced that the functionality will be available in English starting today, with Hindi coming later.

Google’s Multisearch tool, which allows users to search using images and text at the same time, will be expanded to more Indian languages over the coming year, beginning with Hindi. In India, the function is currently available in English. It is also providing a first-in-India function that would make search results pages bilingual for those who prefer it.

Google says it will use “sophisticated Machine Learning-based translation models” and “cross-language search technologies” to do this. This feature is already available in Hindi and will be expanded to other Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali in the following year.

It also intends to improve Hinglish voice recognition technologies. According to Google, the new model can “more successfully interpret persons who speak in Hinglish” because it employs a new “neural-network inspired speech recognition model that considers the individual’s accents, ambient sounds, context, and speaking style.”

Separately, Google said that viewers would be able to search within YouTube videos. After tapping on the “Search in the movie” button, viewers can insert a term into the Google Search app. You can look up a term and the results will show you where it appears in the video.

At its annual Google for India event, the technology behemoth also unveiled a slew of new features aimed at making internet access easier for Indians, with a particular emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence. Google is also improving the security of Google Pay, the company’s popular digital payments program in the country, and integrating the Files app with the government’s Digilocker service. Google CEO Sundar Pichai attended the ceremony, as did Ashwini Vaishnav, Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology for the Government of India.

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