Epic Holiday Sale: Best Games to Buy

Epic Game Holiday Sale 2023 Best games to buy

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale is on and there are some great games that you can buy at low prices. Even some of the newer titles are on sale making it worthwhile to grab them before the prices are back to normal.

The Sale has already started and will end on January 10. Apart from the sale, Epic has its usual free games and right now you can get Destiny 2 Legacy Edition for free. For purchases of more than INR 949 ($14.99), you will get a flat discount of 33% and earn 10% of the purchase back as Epic Rewards. You can use Epic Rewards to buy other games.

Here are some games that you should buy in the Epic Game Store Holiday Sale.

Remnant 2: Ultimate Edition

Get it for: INR 1632

Remnant 2 is just a bigger and better Remnant: From the Ashes and it is one of the best games of 2023. With a few patches and updates, it has become better and it recently got a DLC update.

You can get the Ultimate Edition for INR 1632 with the coupon. This is a pretty steep discount as its original price is INR 4000. I recommend getting Ultimate Edition because you get access to some sweet armour sets and three DLCs (two more will be released in future). If you do not want the Ultimate Edition, you can get the Base Edition for INR 1165.

Alan Wake 2

Get it for: INR 1165

One of the contenders for Game of the Year, this is a game that you need to play. If you have already played Alan Wake and Control, I am sure you want to jump on this game.

Since there are no words on the DLC of the game, I would recommend just getting the base game as the Deluxe edition doesn’t provide any reasonable advantage (at least now, at this price)

Control and Alan Wake Remastered

If you haven’t played Alan Wake or Control or both, you can pick both of these games for less than INR 1200. I would recommend getting Control Ultimate Edition, which you can get for INR 1011. The Ultimate Edition contains two DLCs which ties into Alan Wake and are good expansions on their own.

You can get Alan Wake Remastered for INR 233 if you haven’t played it before. You can do a Remedy Universe Marathon with Alan Wake, Control, and its DLCs and then play the Alan Wake 2.

Dead Space (2023)

Get it for: INR 803

This has been the year of remakes and Dead Space is one of the best remakes that happened this year. With updated visuals, modern gameplay tweaks and keeping the horror same, this is a game that you must pick up.

Hogwarts Legacy

Get it for: INR 1607

Harry Potter fan? Get this game right now! It has some flaws but it is a great game to live your wizard fantasy. Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG where you play as a student in Hogwarts, learning spells, and potions and fighting trolls. Just waiting for a Quidditch DLC now. It is an ambitious game and it is enjoyable and worth to get it at INR 1607.

Mortal Kombat 1

Get it for: INR 1808

One of the best fighting game franchises got a reboot with Mortal Kombat 1. It has received positive reviews from users and critics alike. If you have been waiting for this to get a discount, now is the time.

However, be aware that MK 1 doesn’t support crossplay yet so consider whether you want to buy it on Steam or Epic.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Get it for: INR 707

If you want some Rockstar Games goodness as you wait for GTA 6 to release, RDR2 is a great game to pick up. It often goes on sale and this is probably the lowest price it has been. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great story set in late 19th century America as it follows Arthur Morgan and his gang trying to establish a life and escape the law and other criminals.

Aliens Dark Descent

Get it for: INR 830

If you are a fan of the Aliens franchise, you should buy this game. This is an RTS which is a usual type for a game like this but this game is an absolute banger. Get this game right now!

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Get it for: INR 1172

While the game was good, it was plagued with performance issues. With continuous patches and updates, the game is playable on PC and since it is on sale, it is a great time to hit purchase. It continues the story of Cal Kestis from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and improves on several gameplay aspects.

Some other games on sale

  • Bramble: The Mountain King – INR 534
  • Dead Island 2 – INR 1326
  • Lords of the Fallen – INR 1305

Tips to maximise Epic Holiday Sale benefits

Many games are less than INR 949 so you can’t get any discount on that. In such cases, you can buy two games that you need to cross the INR 949 barrier and get a good discount.

For example, you can buy Bramble: The Mountain King and Chants of Sennar for INR 837 if you buy them together. Search for the library and get games in a bundle if the price is less than INR 949.

Keep an eye on Deluxe or Ultimate Edition for some games as you get DLCs for far lower prices. If you have a base game already, there are DLCs on sale too.

Enjoy gaming during the holidays!

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