Discord has acquired Gas, a compliments-based social media platform targeting teenagers.

Discord, a chat network, announced the acquisition of Gas, a popular app among teenagers for its positive take on social media. On Gas, users sign up with their school, add friends, and participate in surveys for their classmates. However, the poll questions are intended to encourage rather than undermine users’ confidence. Teens may be asked to determine which of four pals is the best DJ or has the nicest smile. The chosen person will then receive an anonymous message with their complement, sent from a generic “guy in 10th grade” or “female in 11th grade.”

Gas features polls where users may vote for the most gorgeous person they’ve ever met or a classmate who isn’t scared to get in trouble. Since its debut in August, it has grown in popularity among high school students. Gas was built by one of the co-creators of TBH, a very similar teenaged app acquired and shut down by Facebook, and has attracted more than 1 million daily active users and 30,000 new users each hour in October.

“The founders of Gas have a proven track record of producing engaging apps and experiences, and we’re delighted to partner with their team to take things to the next level,” Discord writes in a blog post announcing the acquisition. “At this time, Gas will continue a standalone app, and the Gas team will join Discord to support our efforts to grow across new and core audiences.”

The specifics of Discord’s acquisition of Gas have not been disclosed, but it is clearly part of a larger and ongoing attempt to reach communities and users outside of gaming. Discord raised $100 million in 2020 with a large intention to expand beyond the gaming sector, and the firm has subsequently focused on non-gaming artists and communities. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on apps and bots, YouTube integration, a $2.99 Nitro Basic membership, and the potential for Discord users to monetize their servers.

Gas’ small squad (four employees, according to Nikita Bier in October) will join Discord and maintain the app. Gas was earlier deemed the “hottest app right now” by the Wall Street Journal in October when it dethroned TikTok and other prominent social applications in Apple’s App Store charts. While Discord is popular among teenagers, the Gas team will most certainly look to them for ideas on how to develop its own software and reach new communities.

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