Facebook’s Bitmoji-style avatars are coming to WhatsApp.

Bitmoji-like Facebook avatars have already taken over Instagram and Messenger, and now they’re making their way to Whatsapp. In the most recent Android beta, WhatsApp is rolling out support for editable avatars, but only for some users, claims a report from WABetaInfo.

According to reports, WhatsApp is now rolling out the avatars feature to a small group of beta testers. This feature will allow users to upload avatar profile photographs. Users will be able to create a digital representation of themselves with the help of the avatars function, use it as their profile photo, and perhaps even make video calls using it.

A new “Avatar” category will appear in the settings menu for those who have access to the functionality, allowing them to personalize the virtual representation of themselves. Following that, WhatsApp will create a sticker pack including the avatar in numerous stances, just like on Meta’s other apps, so users can express themselves when chatting with family and friends.

The recent addition of the ability to make and share links to WhatsApp video and audio chats is just one example of how frequently WhatsApp adds new features. But because it’s owned by Meta, often those new features seem to serve that company’s objectives more than anything else. At the moment, it includes everything related to the metaverse. Avatars in the Facebook Bitmoji style are already beginning to appear for certain beta testers, as promised when we first learned about WhatsApp’s plans to incorporate them earlier this year.

It’s completely possible that the workflows for creating or using avatars will undergo some minor changes before they are ready for public consumption because everything is still very early in the process. If you want to try out the stable channel right away, install the most recent WhatsApp beta and hope you gain access to the feature. If not, simply stick with Bitmoji for the time being. WhatsApp hasn’t given a date for when the stable channel will roll out.

The company started allowing users to add avatars to feed articles, Facebook profile pictures, and Instagram Stories earlier this year after giving them a new 3D appearance. At the time, Aigerim Shorman, general manager of avatars and identity at Meta, hailed the upgrade as a component of Meta’s work to develop its concept of the metaverse, which spans “more familiar platforms like your phone and computer” in addition to virtual and augmented reality.

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