WhatsApp messenger has updated it’s mobile app with addition of new camera features. New camera updates includes writing or drawing on photos and videos. You can also add emoji to them as well. Enhancing the overall photo and video sharing experience.

How this will work ?

This will work in following manner. When you capture a new photo or video or share media that’s already on your phone. You will automatically see the new editing tools. With that you will  be able to draw, write or add emoji to that photo or video. You can draw a small heart  or add your favorite emoji. You can even add text too, and change the color and font style as well. The Google Allo app (new messenger App from google) which was launched recently has same feature.


There are few more camera features in  new WhatsApp Update.

The new WhatsApp camera feature now also supports the front-facing flash. Now you can take selfies in low light conditions also. Previous version of WhatsApp didn’t supported front flash even if the phone had that. But, now you can easily take selfies from WhatsApp with front flash enable. “This will brighten up your screen and improve the quality of your photo.” as said by WhatsApp. New updated app has also added a intuitive zooming feature for recording videos. How this will work is that , you just have to slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out. And to quickly switch between front and rear facing cameras, double tap on the screen.

These new camera features will be rolling out on Android phones starting today and on iPhone soon. Now, you can go out and take as many pics with your WhatsAPP messenger. The new features will enhance your experience when you share your next photo or video.

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