Zen 5 Based Desktop Processor and “Strix Point” and “Fire Range” Mobile Processors Leaked in Shipping Manifest

Last Updated on July 12, 2024 by Nahush Gowda

Thanks to leaks from shipping manifests, we have some information on some upcoming AMD mobile and desktop processors. Prototypes of AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 mobile processors, codenamed ‘Strix Point’ and ‘Fire Range,’ are being shipped between AMD and its OEM partners, revealing their development progress.

Let’s break down the information we have got from these leaks.

“Strix Point” and “Fire Range” mobile processors

Fire Range: Includes powerful options like a 16-core (55W TDP) processor and an 8-core (55W TDP) alternative. This series aligns with the “Granite Ridge” desktop chips, using a low-profile design.

Strix Point: This series targets mainstream notebooks with Zen 5 cores, an RDNA 3+ iGPU, and a powerful XDNA 2 NPU with (capable of running Microsoft Copilot). It includes Ryzen 7 (OPN: 100-0000001335) and Ryzen 9 (OPN: 100-000000994) models.

Strix Halo: A step above Strix Point, rumored to offer even more CPU cores and a significantly more powerful iGPU for gaming/performance laptops.

These leaks corroborate the earlier leaks of Strix Halo with massive iGPU featuring 20 WGPs, totalling 40 CUs or 2,560 stream processors.

Ryzen 8000 series Granite Ridge desktop processor

Early engineering samples of AMD’s “Granite Ridge” desktop processors, built on the Zen 5 architecture, have been leaked by Momomo_US. Here’s what we know:

  • Two Models Spotted:
    • 8-core/16-thread (170W TDP) – likely a Ryzen 7 tier processor.
    • 6-core/12-thread (105W TDP) – likely aimed at the Ryzen 5 segment.

TDP increase for the 8-core model hints at major clock speed improvements over current Zen 4 chips (like the Ryzen 7 7700X with its 5.3 GHz peak). These are early prototypes, so final TDPs may differ.

This leak offers the first glimpse into AMD’s next-generation desktop Zen 5 CPUs. The potential for significantly higher clock speeds has enthusiasts excited for the performance these “Granite Ridge” chips could deliver.

Note: These Ryzen 8000 series is different from the already launched Zen 4 Ryzen 8000G processors with APU.

We will cover more leaks and information as the launch nears for the next gen AMD processors. Stay tuned!

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