State of Play 2024 – All the announcements, gameplays and trailers

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The first State of Play of 2024 is here which is a presentation dedicated to the showcase of PlayStation games. The last State of Play was in May 2023 and you might some of the same games getting new trailers, updates and announcements this year as well.

Here are the complete highlights of the announcements, trailers and gameplay details showcased at State of Play 2024.

Stellar Blade gets a new trailer and gameplay details

Previously known as “Project Eve”, Stellar Blade is an action-adventure game developed by ShiftUp. First shown at State Of Play 2022, this is close to release with new trailer and some details on gameplay.

The storyline is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity has been forced to flee to an off-world colony due to a mysterious enemy known as Naytiba. Players take control of Eve, a member of the 7th Airborne Squad, on a mission to save Earth by defeating the Elder Naytiba.

Eve’s companions include Adam, born on Earth and in pursuit of an energy source called Hypercell, and Lily, a member of the 5th Airborne Squad providing engineering support.

The game features a city named Xion built underneath the Wasteland by the last human survivors on Earth, where Eve is referred to as “Angel” and is both admired and feared.

Players will explore the Wasteland, encountering Naytibas, malfunctioning machines, and hostile survivors. The gameplay includes visiting supply camps, upgrading equipment, and making choices on whether to assist or ignore those in need.

The narrative unfolds through dialogue and interactions with other characters, offering a mix of story-driven and action-oriented elements.

Sonic X Shadow Generations announced – Autumn 2024

“Shadow the Hedgehog is back and teaming up with Classic and Modern Sonic in Sonic X Shadow Generations, an all-new collection featuring two unique experiences! Play as Shadow the Hedgehog in a brand-new story campaign, and tackle iconic 2D and 3D stages as Classic and Modern Sonic in a newly remastered version of Sonic Generations. Sonic X Shadow Generations is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles in Autumn 2024!”

Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PlayStation

Foamstars is launching as a part of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Game Lineup

One of the most anticipated games of February 2024, it is releasing on February 6 on PS5 and PS4.

Dave the Diver is coming to PlayStation in April 2024

Dave the Diver was one of the best games of 2023 and one of my personal favourites of the year. It is a game that mixes a lot of stuff and genres into one and makes it work!

The announcement revealed that the game is coming to PlayStation in April with a free Godzilla DLC.

V Rising is coming to PlayStation

“V Rising is an immersive Vampire Action RPG Survival Game with Castle Building. Awaken after hundreds of years of slumber, weakened and thirsty for blood. Explore a vast open world of dark horrors and, worse: the deadly sunlight. Raise a mighty castle worthy of your name, and convert the most promising humans into thralls to serve within it. Pillage villages raid bandit camps and traverse the territories of supernatural beasts. Drink their blood to steal their knowledge and power to become the greatest predator of them all.”

Silent Hill: The Short Message

Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, it introduces a new original title within the Silent Hill universe.

The game looks like a contemporary psychological horror experience; a departure from traditional horror elements and a focus on psychological terror.

The title implies a unique narrative or storytelling approach, centered around “short messages” from Maya within the game.

A preview of the game showcased mysterious scenes and eerie visuals, indicating a commitment to the atmospheric and psychological horror elements that Silent Hill is known for.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is announced to be released as a free download title on PlayStation 5, making it accessible to a wide audience of horror game enthusiasts.

Silent 2 Remake is in development for PS5

The remake of one of the most impactful horror games, Silent Hill 2 is now coming to PS5 as well. While the exact release date is not known yet, it is expected to be released in late 2024.

Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror and the remake will feature improved combat mechanics and upgraded visuals.

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Judas is coming to PS5

Judas is an upcoming sci-fi, narrative-driven, first-person shooter from the renowned makers of Bioshock.

Judas, a narrative FPS, throws you aboard the crumbling Mayflower starship. As the mysterious Judas, your rebellion ignited chaos, and now escape is your only hope. But trust is scarce. Will you forge alliances with former enemies, or revel in the flames you started? Unravel the narrative, navigate decaying environments, and make choices that shape your fate. Can you fix what you broke, or will the Mayflower burn with you? Choose wisely, for in Judas, redemption hangs by a thread.

Metro Awakening VR is coming to PSVR2 in 2024

Metro Awakening is a story-driven first-person adventure built exclusively for VR that blends atmospheric exploration, stealth and combat. It will make the world of Metro more immersive with the features of PlayStation 5, PS VR2 and Dual Sense.

The survivors of nuclear Armageddon cling to existence in the buried subways of the Moscow Metro – civilization’s last refuge and tomb, where ghosts and spirits haunt the living in this man-made purgatory.

You play as Serdar, a doctor and a rationalist, braving the darkness, crippling radiation and deadly threats of the Metro in the search for your wife and the medication she so desperately needs. As your courage and sanity are pushed to the limit you must learn to walk the line between life and death, the spirit and the material world, and awaken the being you will become.

Legendary Tales – a VR action RPG is coming to PSVR2

A new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 coming to PS5 on March 22

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a better and bigger Dragon’s Dogma which itself is a great action RPG to play. It is now available to pre-order.

Face monstrous foes in a vibrant, immersive world powered by the RE Engine. Choose your Arisen’s path, mastering swordplay, magic, or unique vocations. Pawns, AI companions, learn from other players, aiding you in strategic combat. Climb colossal beasts, explore diverse landscapes, and unravel a cryptic narrative. Will you fulfil the prophecy and slay the Dragon?

A glimpse of combat in Rise of Ronin – releasing on 22 March 2024

Rise of the Ronin is an open-world action RPG set in the Bakumatsu Period in Japan. Developed by Team Ninja, the game invites players to embody a Ronin, a masterless samurai, navigating the complex political landscape of the 19th-century Bakumatsu era.

We get a lot of combat and gameplay details for Rise of Ronin and it looks awesome. It is very reminiscent of Sekiro and Nioh.

The game promises a fully explorable world with an emphasis on historical accuracy, presenting a fusion of Japanese culture and Western influences in the city of Yokohama, one of the first ports opened to foreign countries during that period.

The protagonist possesses unique abilities such as climbing onto rooftops using a grappling rope and gliding through the air with a device called ‘Avicula.’

Combat mechanics include a variety of weapons, blending traditional Japanese weapons like swords and spears with modern influences such as handguns brought from overseas.

Players can engage in strategic combat by parrying enemy attacks to break their stance and choosing weapons that are advantageous against specific enemy types.

Rise of the Ronin introduces a system where the protagonist can forge connections with historical figures, and these allegiances impact the story, providing players with multiple paths and outcomes.

The game incorporates hybrid Japanese-Western weapons like the Fire Pipe, a flamethrower-like device, developed by Igashichi, an inventor in the game. Igashichi’s inventions, including the Fire Pipe, add a layer of depth to the combat system, offering players various options to tackle formidable enemies.

Rise of the Ronin is scheduled for release on March 22, 2024, promising an immersive and historically rich adventure for players who enjoy action RPGs set in unique historical settings.

Until Dawn is being rebuilt for PS5 and PC – coming in 2024

Until Dawn was released in 2015 for PS4. It is a narrative-driven, slasher horror game. It is being rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5 and will be released on both PC and PS5.

When eight friends return to the isolated lodge where two of their group vanished a year prior, fear tightens its icy grip, and their mountain retreat descends into a nightmare with no escape.

Kojima Productions show a 10-minutes trailer for Death Stranding 2

Kojima and PlayStation tease Physint – an upcoming game in the action-espionage genre

Hideo Kojima, renowned game creator and founder of Kojima Productions, returns to the action-espionage genre. The announcement is part of a partnership between PlayStation and Kojima Productions.

The collaboration aims to bring a new adventure directed by Kojima to the gaming community. The project involves the creation of a new “Action Espionage Game,” a genre Kojima is known for.

Sony will provide full support to the project, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and more details are expected in future updates.

Final Thoughts

State of Play 2024 didn’t have any big surprises but I am definitely interested in Rise of Ronin and to see what madness Kojima brings in Death Stranding 2. Apart from these 2 games, PlayStation doesn’t seem to have any amazing exclusive games on the platform.

Here is the full State of Play 2024 video

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