Samsung adds the Android seamless update feature to its phones starting with A55

Samsung has finally added the Android seamless feature to its phones. The seamless update feature allows your phone to update Android while the device is still running.

Almost all Android phone manufacturers have this feature in their phones except Samsung. But now Samsung has also added this feature to its smartphones, starting with the Samsung A55

Google launched this feature back in 2016 with the launch of Android Nougat (Android 7). Android devices with Seamless Updates utilize A/B partitions, essentially having two copies of the operating system. With the seamless update feature, a user can keep using the phone while the new Android version installs in the background. After the reboot, the phone simply switches to an updated version. In case of any error, the system automatically switches back to the older version.

This feature provided more convenience and safety. But was slower and used larger storage. Maybe that is why Samsung avoided this feature, also Samsung with its One-UI may have had to make significant changes.

Google has made significant improvements to Seamless Updates over the years. The feature is now much faster and also requires less storage using a “virtual A/B mechanism.”

With the launch of A55, Samsung has added a seamless update feature to its phones. Going forward, all the new Samsung phone launches will have this feature.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Google is moving towards a seamless update feature only for Android updates. Fully removing support for devices not supporting this feature, like Samsung devices.

Seems like Samsung just went in with the Google’s decision this time. Which we feel is a step taken in the right direction – This is how an Android phone should be updating in 2024

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