New Wi-Fi technology claims a range of up to one kilomter and reasonable energy savings

The next Wi-Fi innovation will allow for a long-range connection of up to 1 kilometre while using substantially less power.

What’s your home without WiFi? How about your workplace? The airport? WiFi is a thing we want often nowadays, yet it’s one of the few things we can’t live without. WiFi is 21 years old now and over the many years there have been continuous improvements in reliability, security, and performance. you could expect that every 2-3 years, a new Wifi ‘upgrade’ would be announced.

Wifi HaLow, a new Wifi technology that works at a lower frequency than ordinary Wifi, has received certification from the WiFi Alliance. The technology has been created to cater to the need for IoT devices being connected to the internet throughout the day.

Wifi HaLow has been announced for IoT devices.

The new type of Wifi promises extended range and power savings.

it can penetrate through walls, offering a strong connection in challenging wireless environments.

The next breakthrough in wifi will allow an extended-range connection of up to 1 kilometre at appreciably less electricity intake. The benefits are being claimed for Wifi HaLow, which has now gained certification from the WiFi alliance, the worldwide network of companies that brings you Wifi.

WiFi HaLow has been designed maintaining the huge rise in the use of Internet of things (IoT) devices in mind. As IoT programs boom across industries and homes, more and more devices need to stay connected to the internet all the time. WiFi HaLow seems to be a resourceful solution to that requirement, one that “eclipses other solutions,” as per the WiFi alliance.

The new form of WiFi guarantees vast battery power saving compared to the current Wifi and can establish connections for up to 1 kilometer far from the source. additionally, WiFi HaLow builds on the existing WiFi protocols and is workable with the current WiFi devices.

This is an advantage as it would not require any new Wifi connection methods or proprietary technology for use. it can easily be scaled in the current setup.

As Wi-Fi becomes an increasingly critical component to our daily lives, the way in which wifi is managing to improve becomes important. The wiFi network is a foundational element of digital transformation. the next Wi-Fi upgrade is what’s going to power the digital company for years yet to come. Also, in future we can expect wifi HaLow will be ready in action for general wifi network and devices like your laptops , wifi router etc.

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