Gmail will now be smarter on Android and iOS with the Gemini AI-powered Summarise feature

Google has announced the rollout of new AI-powered features for Gmail on iOS and Android, expanding the capabilities previously available only on the web. These updates were unveiled at Google I/O 2024 and include the Gemini AI-powered “Summarise” feature, Contextual Smart Reply, and Gmail Q&A functionalities.

The Summarise feature, which condenses email threads into key highlights, will now be available on mobile devices.

This feature is designed to help users quickly grasp the essence of lengthy email conversations without having to read through every message. It will be accessible through a new “Summarize this email” button located under the subject line of the email thread.

This update is expected to be available to Workspace Labs users this week and will roll out to Google One AI Premium subscribers and other Workspace customers in early July.

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Additionally, Gmail Q&A is being introduced, allowing users to ask detailed questions about their emails and receive comprehensive responses. This feature, akin to the side panel functionality on the web version, enables users to query specifics such as comparison of recent bids or upcoming event details directly from their inbox. This feature is slated to be available in July.

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The new Contextual Smart Reply feature will provide more nuanced and context-aware response suggestions, enhancing the existing Smart Reply and Smart Compose functionalities. This will appear as a carousel of suggested replies that users can preview and select, making email responses more efficient and tailored to the conversation context​.

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These AI enhancements are part of Google’s broader effort to integrate Gemini AI across its Workspace suite, aiming to make email management more efficient and user-friendly. The rollout will occur over the next few weeks and will be available to users with various Google Workspace and Google One AI Premium subscriptions​.

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