Best PC Build under 1 lakh INR for 1440p Gaming

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Let’s start the year with a good PC build under 1 lakh for 1440p gaming. 2023 was great for PC market with so many good products. The processor side of things has been really interesting with AMD and Intel pushing each other to do better. As a result, we have a lot of good options to consider.

However, the GPU side of things has been disappointing with the Nvidia RTX 40 series being more expensive than it should be and AMD not doing particularly well in response. All things considered, the rest of the components like air coolers, cabinets, and RAM are cheaper now.

The gaming PC build for this will be primarily focused on gaming and the chosen components will reflect that. If you want to build a PC with productivity as a priority, check this PC build.

Note: Excludes peripherals like display, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Anyways, let’s start! Here’s the best PC build under 1 lakh for 1440p gaming.

Build Overview

CategorySelectionCurrent Price (INR)
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 760018,599
MotherboardMSI Pro B650M-P11,499
Graphics CardAMD Radeon RX 7700XT44,399
Memory (RAM)Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5 6000MHz CL368,990
StorageSamsung 980 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe8,650
Power Supply (PSU)Corsair CX750M 750 Watt 80+ Bronze Semi Modular6,490
CabinetLian Li Cool 2154,750
CPU CoolerNot Required*

AMD Ryzen 5 7600


  • Socket: AM5
  • Cores/Threads: 6/12
  • Base TDP: 65 Watt
  • Boost Clock: 5.1 GHz
  • Base Clock: 3.8 GHz
  • Cache: L1 384KB, L2 6MB, L3 32MB
  • Memory: DDR5 5200MHz (PCIe 5.0)
  • Overclocking: Unlocked
  • Lithography: TSMC 5nm FinFET

Ryzen 5 7600 is the cheapest processor in the new Ryzen 7000 series AM5 platform. It offers good performance for 1080p and 1440p, charting at the top of gaming benchmarks. It is a perfect pair for the Radeon RX 7700XT which is the choice of graphics card for this PC build.

With 6-cores and 12-threads and great efficiency, Ryzen 5 7600 is a top choice for gaming CPU at this price range. It beats out Intel i5-13600K in most titles and far surpasses in terms of power efficiency.

  • Unlocked Overclocking
  • Single-click PBO (to unlock power limit and improve performance)
  • Power efficient
  • Doesn’t fare too well in produtivity against Intel i5-13600K

MSI Pro B650M-P


  • Socket: AM5
  • Chipset: AMD B650
  • Form Factor: Micro-ATX
  • Slots: 4x DIMM
  • Storage: 2x M.2 Gen4 x4 slots, 4x SATA III ports (6 Gb/s)
  • Expansion slots: 1x PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, 2x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots
  • USB Ports (Rear): 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A (10 Gbps), 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A (5 Gbps), 4x USB 2.0 Type-A

It is quite a shame that such a basic motherboard costs 11,000 INR but this is one of the better ones out there. For Ryzen 5 7600 and RX 7700XT combo, the MSI Pro B650M-P motherboard offers a sweet spot of value and performance in a compact package. It doesn’t offer PCIe 5.0 for graphics card slot or for the storage but you won’t be losing out on much.

While it lacks bells and wistles, it has ample of storage and USB connections and a basic troubleshooting features like EZ debug LED and BIOS flash.

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  • Good for basic budget board
  • Reliable
  • Ample storage and connectivity
  • AM5 motherboards are expensive now
  • Lacks PCIe 5.0

AMD Radeon RX 7700XT

Graphics Card

  • Architecture: RDNA 3
  • Lithography: 5nm
  • Compute Units: 54
  • Ray Accelerators: 54
  • Infinity Cache: 48MB
  • Boost Clock: 2599 MHz
  • VRAM: 12GB GDDR6
  • Bandwidth: 432 GB/s
  • Bus width: 192-bit
  • TDP: 245W

Currently, RX 7700XT hovers below 45,000 INR making it the best value GPU for 1440p gaming. Compared to RTX 4070, it is 8-10% slower in average but it is also much cheaper. With 12GB of VRAM, it is a great choice for 1440p or even 4K gaming with optimised settings.

RX 7700XT is capable of running any modern title at 1440p/60fps at highest settings. Although it might falter in ray tracing performance compared to seomthing like RTX 4070, its price makes it a compelling choice.

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  • 12GB VRAM is perfect for 1440p gaming
  • Good performance-price value
  • Ray tracing performance not on par with competition

Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5 6000MHz CL36

Memory (RAM)

  • Capacity: 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • Speed: 6000MHz
  • Latency: CL36-36-36-76
  • Voltage: 1.4V
  • Bandwidth: Up to 51.2 GB/s

For a PC build under 1 lakh, the Corsair Vengeance DDR5 offers a solid performance boost without breaking the bank. 32GB is the sweet spot for demanding games or even simulation games like Cities Skylines 2. The 6000MHz clock speed and tight CL36 timings translate to smoother, faster-loading applications and a more responsive gaming experience.

  • Not too expensive
  • Reliable memory
  • Low CL36 latency

    Samsung 980 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe

    Storage (NVMe SSD)

    Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe M.2
    • Type: NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 SSD
    • Capacity: 1TB
    • Form Factor: M.2 2280
    • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 7,000 MB/s
    • Sequential Write Speed: Up to 5,100 MB/s
    • Random Read Speed (4KB, QD32): Up to 1,000,000 IOPS
    • Random Write Speed (4KB, QD32): Up to 1,000,000 IOPS

    This drive slashes boot times and game loads with its impressive 7,000 MB/s read speeds, a major upgrade from PCIe 3.0. 1TB of NVMe offers ample storage for all your games and other data. While the 980 Pro had some issues in the past, the issues with this Samsung SSD is all solved now.

    • High-end memory for decent price
    • PCIe 4.0
    • One of the fastest memory in the segment
    • Had issues with memory failure (fixed now)

    Corsair CX750M 750 Watt 80+ Bronze Semi Modular

    Power Supply

    • Type: Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply
    • Efficiency: 80+ Bronze
    • Form Factor: ATX
    • Continuous Power: 750W
    • Peak Power: 885W
    • Fan Size: 120mm
    • Fan Bearing: Rifle Bearing
    • Modular Cables: ATX 24-pin, EPS 4+4-pin, PCIe 6+2-pin, SATA, Molex

    The Corsair CX750M 750W 80+ Bronze semi-modular PSU delivers reliable power at a budget-friendly price, making it a solid option for your sub-1 lakh PC build unless you need more wattage or top-tier efficiency.

    • Semi-modular
    • Relatively cheap
    • Efficiency could have been higher than 80+ Bronze

    Lian Li Cool 215

    PC Cabinet

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 462mm x 215mm x 482mm
    • Weight: 5.5kg
    • Motherboard Compatibility: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
    • Drive Bays: 2x 2.5″ SSD, 2x 3.5″ HDD
    • Front: 2x 200mm ARGB fans (pre-installed)
    • Top: 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm (optional)
    • Rear: 1x 120mm (optional)
    • Bottom: 2x 120mm (optional)

    The Lian Li Cool 215 offers a practical and stylish solution for cooling your PC components within your budget, making it a popular choice for builders like you. Just consider your cooling needs and customization preferences before making your final call.


    This PC build is gaming-focused and a solid 1440p gaming PC build under 1 lakh INR. You can use some alternatives to adjust your budget but make sure that your build doesn’t become unbalanced. This PC build strikes a balance between performance and price. Although the GPU and motherboard are not at their best prices, rest of the components are relatively cheap in the current market.

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