A new AI version of Google Assistant is coming.

One of the greatest voice assistants available, Google Assistant can handle a variety of tasks for you when you ask it to use simple voice commands, including setting alarms, managing your shopping lists, and reading articles to you. But with Bard and a number of other tools, Google has been heavily promoting generative AI. As it turns out, Google is developing generative AI capabilities for Assistant.

According to an internal email issued to staff members on Monday, Google intends to redesign the Assistant, emphasizing leveraging generative AI capabilities similar to those that enable ChatGPT and its own Bard chatbot.

The change will alter how Assistant functions for users, developers, and Google staff members, with the company — for the time being — supporting both new and traditional methods. According to Google, work has started on the redesigned Assistant, starting with the mobile app.

Google’s teams that work on Assistant are being reorganized as part of the transition. A modest number of layoffs would be made in conjunction with the shift, the business stated in the email. Out of the thousands of workers who are employed by the Assistant, the change will result in the elimination of dozens of positions.

 “We remain deeply committed to Assistant and we are optimistic about its bright future ahead,”

Google VP Peeyush Ranjan and director of product Duke Dukellis wrote in the e-mail.

Even while we are pleased about Google Assistant’s first generative AI feature, there is a significant problem that is yet to be addressed. It is possible that some aspects of the source are highlighted while others are glossed over in the feature.

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