Speechify’s latest update introduces new features such as voice cloning and Gmail integration. f

The text-to-speech company Speechify has announced the release of version 3.0 of its iOS app, which includes several additional features. The revamped home screen, document scanning capabilities, Gmail and learning platform Canvas integration, and an explore page for in-app content are some of these improvements.

To facilitate file imports, Speechify is redesigning its homepage to include shortcuts to iOS Files, Google Drive, Kindle, Gmail, Text, Scan, and Link. A new feature in the update allows users to import text to be listened to later by scanning a physical document. Two book pages can also be scanned concurrently by users.

Another feature of the updated home page is a customizable daily reading goal inspired by the Apple Fitness Ring.
By syncing their Gmail accounts, users may now read their emails on the app and import PDF documents into the Speechify app. Along with a new iCloud integration that automatically syncs files to Speechify, the business has also built an integration between Canvas and the learning management system so that students can access their homework assignments.

By utilising iOS 17’s interactive widget features, Speechify is introducing new widgets that make it convenient to add sources, monitor reading progress, and resume listening to an imported document. Users of the new app will be able to listen to tracks in premium voices offline.

According to the company, the app now features updated speech models and new pre-set AI voices. Additionally, Snoop Dogg and Mr. Beast’s celebrity voices have been updated. Also, users can receive an AI-powered summary of a document or an article, which the app can read aloud for them.

Users can also clone their voice and have it read out text, which is another AI-powered feature of Speechify 3.0. Last year Apple also introduced Personal Voice, an accessibility tool that generates a voice that sounds like you.

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