Dell XPS laptop roadmap reveals Intel Panther Lake, Nova Lake and future Snapdrgon chips

Dell’s future plans for its XPS laptop lineup have been unveiled in an internal document titled ‘Tributo QC Plan Phase Exit’, which was recently shared by VideoCardz. The document, which dates back to August 2023 and was uploaded to Scribd in February 2024, primarily discusses Dell’s ambitions for a Snapdragon X Elite version of the XPS 13 9340, currently priced at $1,599.99 on Amazon.

However, it also provides a comprehensive roadmap extending through 2027, outlining Dell’s release strategy for its XPS series.

The ‘XPS Thinking Roadmap’ embedded in the document accurately forecasts the release windows for several models, including the XPS 13 9340, XPS 14 9440, and XPS 16 9640, which Dell announced in January.

The roadmap also indicates that Dell will continue offering the previous generation XPS 15 alongside the newer models. Notably, Dell plans to discontinue the XPS 15 in early 2025.

Key points from the roadmap include the longevity of the x86-based XPS 13, which is expected to continue in its ‘Tributo’ styling until 2026, with four potential refreshes planned in the interim. The anticipated refresh schedule is as follows:

  • June 2024: Release of Snapdragon X Plus and Snapdragon X Elite.
  • September 2024: Introduction of Lunar Lake MX.
  • January 2025: Launch of Arrow Lake-U and Arrow Lake-P.
  • July 2025: Rollout of Qualcomm ‘Oryon V2’, the next-generation Snapdragon X.
  • September 2025: Arrival of Panther Lake.

Dell XPS laptops with Intel chips

Dell intends to refresh its XPS 16 “Diablo” and XPS 14 “Pista” laptops with Intel’s Arrow Lake-H processors. Concurrently, NVIDIA is expected to introduce its new GENxx architecture, likely the RTX 50 Blackwell series, which will be incorporated into these XPS updates.

The XPS 13 “Tributo,” already released with Meteor Lake-H28, will see its first update to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series (with 10 and 12-core variants). Later in 2025, around August or September, it will receive another update to Intel’s Lunar Lake-MX CPUs, making it the first known laptop to feature the Core Ultra 200V.

In 2026, Dell will once again update the Diablo chassis, this time with the Panther Lake-H processor. Additionally, Dell plans to introduce two new laptops: the XPS 14 “Huracan,” featuring the Panther Lake-Px40 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Gen2 expected to reach a 40W TDP, and the XPS 13 “Divo,” targeting a TDP half of that.

The roadmap also hints at a Nova Lake refresh scheduled for early 2027, following Intel’s announcement of the architecture in late 2026.

Dell XPS laptops with Qualcomm chips

Interestingly, Dell may launch a new XPS 13 generation in early 2026, codenamed ‘Divo’. This generation is expected to feature the same Intel Panther Lake and Qualcomm ‘Oryon V2’ chipsets as the Tributo model by the second half of 2025.

This roadmap also provides insights into the future of the XPS 14 and XPS 16 models, details of which are covered separately.

Dell isn’t the only laptop OEM launching laptops with Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite X chip. Asus has also accidentally leaked their notebook powered by the Snapdragon Elite X. It will be very interesting to see the first ARM-based Qualcomm laptops compete with the established x86 laptops.

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