ASUS Leaps Ahead with NUC 14 Pro and ROG NUC at CES 2024

ASUS Leaps Ahead with NUC 14 Pro and ROG NUC for Gaming

At CES 2024, ASUS made headlines by unveiling its latest line of NUCs (Next Unit of Computing) based on Intel’s cutting-edge Meteor Lake platform. This move, notably with the NUC 13 Rugged already in the market, marks a significant step for ASUS, further cementing its position in the ultra-compact computing space.

The new NUC 14 Pro and Pro+ models are a testament to ASUS’s innovation, targeting the mainstream market with their Pro tag and adhering to the original 4″ x 4″ ultra-compact form factor (UCFF).

ASUS NUC 14 Pro and Pro+ Specifications

The NUC 14 Pro and Pro+ models stand out in their respective categories. The Pro variants, adhering to the UCFF standard, are compact yet powerful. The Pro+ models, slightly larger (144mm vs. 117mm), offer enhanced performance capabilities, notably supporting up to 65W TDP compared to the Pro’s 40W.

Key Features

  • Thermal Design Power (TDP): The Pro kits come with Meteor Lake processors configured at a TDP of 40W, while the Pro+ models ramp up to 65W, indicating a more robust thermal solution.
  • Processor Range: The Pro+ models are limited to top-tier Ultra 5/7/9 SKUs, whereas the Pro models offer a wider range, from the Core 3 100U to the Ultra 7 165H.
  • Graphics: Both models include Intel® Arc™ GPU options, with variations based on the CPU.
  • Memory and Storage: Support for up to 96GB DDR5-5600 in dual-channel mode, alongside versatile NVMe and SATA storage options.
  • Connectivity: Equipped with Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211, Thunderbolt™ 4 ports, and multiple USB connections.
  • Design: The Pro+ features a triple 6mm heat pipe dual-side exchanger for efficient cooling, and both models showcase ASUS’s commitment to sleek, practical design.

A notable departure from previous mainstream NUCs is the absence of an analog audio output port. This change could reflect a shift in user preferences towards digital or wireless audio solutions, aligning with modern usage patterns.

ASUS has also introduced user-friendly features like sliding tabs for tool-less access to SSD and DRAM modules. This thoughtful design demonstrates ASUS’s commitment to not only performance but also to user convenience and accessibility.

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Even More NUC from Asus

The ROG NUC: Gaming Powerhouse

Asus ROG NUC at CES 2024

ASUS’s introduction of the ROG NUC, likely a successor to the NUC Enthusiast line, is a significant development. It packs Intel Meteor Lake Ultra 9 and Ultra 7 processors, coupled with NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 / 4060 GPUs, in a 2.5L chassis. This move capitalizes on the ROG brand’s success and reflects ASUS’s understanding of the gaming market’s needs.

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ExpertCenter Line: Professional Edge

Continuing its diversification, ASUS’s ExpertCenter line, notably the PN65, caters to professional scenarios like edge computing. It offers Meteor Lake processors and configurable ports, showcasing ASUS’s versatility in addressing various market segments.


ASUS’s announcement at CES 2024 is a bold statement in the ultra-compact computing world. By expanding its NUC lineup with the NUC 14 Pro and Pro+, ASUS not only embraces the latest in processor technology but also shows a keen understanding of market needs. As we await further details on pricing and availability, it’s clear that ASUS is shaping the future of mini-PC computing.

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