Xbox Partner Preview – All the trailers

Last Updated on November 1, 2023 by Nahush Gowda

Xbox Partner Showcase is a quick 30-minute presentation showcasing new trailers, updates and gameplay from the partner studios and publishers of Xbox. Here are all the trailers and gameplay showcased at the Xbox Partner Showcase.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth releases on January 26 2024.

Like a Dragon Gaiden is one of the most anticipated games of November 2023. It is kind of a prequel or a connecting storyline to this game.

IKARO: Will not Die announcement teaser, a fast-paced rouge-like

Developed by Futurlab, the creators of Powerwash Simulator, it will arrive soon.

Still Wakes the Deep

It is a horror survival game set in an oil rig. Developed by The Chinese Room, it will be released in 2024.


We got a new gameplay trailer for Robocop: Rogue City. It will be released on November 2.

Dugeons of Hinterberg

A new gameplay trailer for the game showed some unique gameplay where adventuring is connected to socialising – you get power-ups and skills by building relationships with the characters in the game.

Spirit of the Birth 2 Announced

A teaser for the sequel to the Spirit of the North was showcased at the preview.

Early game footage of Metal Gear Solid: Snakeater showcased

This game is still under development, and it will run on Unreal Engine 5.

Manor Lords is coming to PC Game Pass in April 2024

Maor Lords will released on 24 April 2024 for PC and will arrive on consoles later.

The Finals Beta will be open to join from October 26

A new trailer for Ark: Survival Ascended

A new trailer and gameplay footage for Alan Wake 2 as it awaits its release on October 27

Expanding the Remedy’s universe, Alan Wake 2 is the sequel to the Alan Wake released in 2014. It is set in the same universe as Control.

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