Logitech G Unveils G515 LIGHTSPEED TKL Low-Profile Wireless Keyboard


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Logitech G has announced the launch of the G515 LIGHTSPEED TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard. This new keyboard integrates advanced technologies and high-performance features within a sleek, low-profile design, aimed at delivering an enhanced gaming and typing experience.

Arnaud Perret-Gentil, Head of PC Gaming at Logitech G, highlighted the evolution in design and functionality with the G515.

With the G515, we’ve maintained the sleek design while also including our latest technology innovations, such as LIGHTSPEED, LIGHTSYNC, and KEYCONTROL, to give gamers an advanced and high-performance gaming keyboard experience.

Standing at just 22 mm high, the G515’s design eliminates the need for a wrist rest, providing a more comfortable experience. It features low-profile switches with an actuation distance of only 1.3 mm and a total travel distance of 3.2 mm, enabling quicker response times and enhancing gamers’ performance.

Logitech is introducing an updated design for its GL mechanical switches in the G515, featuring a “polyoxymethylene (POM), cross style stem,” making the keyboard compatible with low-profile Cherry MX-style keycaps.

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The new G515 only offers quieter tactile and linear options with actuation forces of 45g and 43g, respectively. It’s available in either a white or black finish with matching double-shot PBT keycaps, each featuring individual RGB lighting supporting 16.8 million colors, customizable through the Logitech G HUB app.

The keyboard is also equipped with a layer of sound-dampening foam, pre-lubricated switches, integrated stabilizers, and premium PBT keycaps, ensuring a smoother and quieter typing experience.

A notable feature of the G515 is Logitech G’s newly introduced KEYCONTROL technology. This allows for extensive customization, with each key capable of performing up to 15 different actions.

Gamers can personalize their keyboards through macros, audio cues, lighting effects, and more. KEYCONTROL includes G SHIFT, which enables switching between entire key layouts at the press of a button, offering unprecedented levels of personalization and control.

The G515 also boasts several additional features aimed at enhancing the gaming experience:

  • 2:1 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Pairing: This allows gamers to connect a gaming mouse, such as the G502 X PLUS, via the G515 LIGHTSPEED dongle, freeing up an extra USB port.
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB Lighting: Players can customize their experience with access to approximately 16.8 million colors and synchronize their settings across all Logitech G gear using G HUB software.
  • Versatile Tri-Mode Connectivity: Gamers can choose between LIGHTSPEED wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C wired data modes.
  • Extended Battery Life: The G515 supports up to 36 hours of battery life with brightness at max.

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The Logitech G515 LIGHTSPEED TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard is now available in Black and White on LogitechG.com in the US, Canada, and select markets worldwide. The suggested retail price is $139 in the US and €149.99 for the wireless version, while a wired edition is set to release later this year at $99 in the US and €109.99.

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