Entry level 14th gen Intel 300 revealed by Japanese Hardware Tests. Compared with Core i3-14100

Japanese hardware outlets recently tested Intel’s latest 14th gen Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors, with a specific focus on the entry-level low budget Intel 300 CPU.

Intel 14th gen processors are the latest flagship processors from Intel. But information about the entry level processors in 14th gen was relatively less known. But thanks to latest benchmark video by Japanese hardware outlet Pad PC. We know about entry level 14th gen Intel 300 which is supposed to be a replacement for Pentium Gold G7400.

However, expectations are lowered due to its modest specifications, with some considering it an Alder Lake part or a frequency-tweaked Pentium Gold G7400.

Positioned as the successor to the retired Pentium Gold G7400, the Intel 300 features two Raptor Cove P-cores with hyper-threading, a base clock of 3.9 GHz, a 46 W TDP, and 6 MB of L3 cache.

Benchmarking the Intel 300 chip indicate a substantial performance gap, particularly in gaming when compared to the higher-tier Core i3-14100, which boasts twice the cores, cache, and a 20% higher frequency.

The Core i3-14100 emerges as the clear budget winner, providing a significantly better gaming experience, maintaining a minimum of 60 FPS, while the Intel 300 struggles with lower 1% frame rates, impacting overall gaming performance.

The evaluation of these new Intel CPUs, including the Intel 300, emphasizes on the cost to performance factor, according to PAD PC.

You can watch the original video by Japanese Outlet PAD PC Japan on the new intel 14th gen processors benchmark below.

Source: Pad PC (Japan) and Techpowerup

Talking overall about Intel 14th gen series processors. It has been a mixed bag. The Intel 14th gen desktop processor series, while decent with performance, still barely catching up the AMD counterpart.

Coming to mobile processors, where Intel processors lack in efficiency department. The meteor lake 14th gen Core Ultra mobile is still better and receiving more positive response than the High performance mobile 14th gen Intel Core HX series (launched at CES 2024).

Thanks to improved integrated Intel ARC GPU and inclusion of NPU for AI workloads. This entry level Intel 300 remains a price play from Intel side. They may be offering the chip at bulk rates for special requirements. That is the most logical way to look at it, as in consumer space Core i3-14100 looks to be a much better deal.

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