AMD’s New Ryzen AI 9 300 Series Boasts 20% Boost in CPU and Graphics Performance Over Previous Gen

The next generation AMD Ryzen AI 9 300 series “Strix Point” processors are set to deliver significant performance upgrades, according to recent leaks from industry insider Golden Pig Upgrade.

The flagship model, the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370, is expected to achieve a 20% performance improvement over both CPU and integrated graphics, compared to its predecessor, the Ryzen 9 8945HS “Hawk Point.

Zen 5 and Zen 5c Cores

The Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 features a 12-core/24-thread CPU configuration, integrating four “Zen 5” cores and eight “Zen 5c” cores. The “Zen 5” cores contribute to notable single-thread performance gains, thanks to their generational IPC improvements and higher clock speeds.


Meanwhile, the “Zen 5c” cores, although having the same IPC as “Zen 5,” do not boost to the same high frequencies, which slightly tempers the overall multithreaded performance gain.

Despite this, the multithreaded performance is expected to increase significantly due to the higher core count, with Golden Pig Upgrade suggesting a Cinebench R23 nT score exceeding 20,000 points. This is a marked improvement from the approximately 16,000 points scored by the “Hawk Point.”

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Graphics Enhancements: RDNA 3.5 iGPU

The integrated graphics unit (iGPU) also sees substantial upgrades. The RDNA 3.5 iGPU in the “Strix Point” processor packs 16 compute units (CUs), up from the 12 CUs found in the “Hawk Point.”

This translates to 1,024 stream processors, a 33% increase over the previous generation’s 768 stream processors. Despite the CU count being just one factor among many that influence graphics performance, a 20% improvement in graphics performance is expected.


AMD has claimed a 36% performance lead over Intel’s Arc Xe-LPG iGPU in the Core Ultra 9 185H, positioning the new Ryzen AI 9 series as a formidable contender in the integrated graphics arena.

The AMD Ryzen AI 9 300 series “Strix Point” processors represent a significant performance upgrade in both CPU and GPU performance, offering a 20% improvement over the previous generation.

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