Spotify is updating its podcaster tools, introducing Anchor, and collaborating with Patreon.

This morning, Spotify unveiled podcast-related developments during its Stream On event in Los Angeles. The business demonstrated a revamped version of its Spotify for Podcasters dashboard. It will subsequently seek to better organize its tools for generating, managing, growing, and selling its content in a single location.

This development entails another consolidation of its Anchor podcast creation business, purchased for $154 million in 2019. In a survey given to artists late last year, the corporation debated whether to drop the Anchor brand. It was considering rebranding the service as “Spotify Maker Studio” at the time.

Anchor is now a part of Spotify for Podcasters, according to Spotify. As a result of this connection, the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard will become more robust. When creators log in to the new dashboard, they will be able to see data on how their show is performing and can rapidly produce or upload new episodes or add new features to existing episodes. They can now include videos, Q&As, or polls, as well as look into statistics to see how their program is performing and learn more about listener patterns. This section will also reflect when their podcasts are added to playlists.

At today’s event, Spotify discussed how the new Spotify for Podcasters product would become more of a one-stop shop for creators, not only by centralizing access to all of the tools Spotify offers but also by later integrating Megaphone, its hosting solution for enterprise publishers, directly into the Spotify for Podcasters product.

The changes come as Spotify’s podcast strategy has been revamped, which has resulted in an executive restructuring that has included the departures of key executives such as Dawn Ostroff, the company’s former chief content and advertising business officer who led the company’s podcast expansion, and, more recently, Max Cutler, the founder of Parcast, which Spotify purchased in 2019 for $55 million. Gimlet co-founder Alex Blumberg resigned last year, as did Anchor co-founder Michael Mignano.

In addition to the dashboard upgrades, Spotify stated that it would expand the availability of its visual podcasting features and interactive tools for podcasters. Spotify’s interactive podcast polls and Q&As went public in 2021 via the Anchor creation app, reaching 160 markets.

Spotify also announced a new collaboration with Patreon, which will allow creators to expand their creative businesses through direct payments from followers while also allowing fans to listen to their Patreon content on Spotify. “This collaboration benefits everyone,” said Spotify co-president and chief business officer Alex Norstrom. “Spotify users can listen to all of their favorite content in one spot, while Patreon podcasters may improve their income and grow their following. These technologies allow you to choose how you want to monetize. We will continue to investigate other opportunities for you to expand your business.”

Spotify is expanding its podcast services and aiming to become a one-stop shop for artists. Spotify is making it easier for producers to manage and monetize their content by streamlining its tools and integrating hosting solutions for enterprise publishers. Spotify’s collaboration with Patreon also demonstrates that the company is looking into new methods to assist creators in growing their companies. With these upgrades, Spotify is well-positioned to maintain its leadership position in the podcast market.

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