Samsung’s 576 MP camera sensor may arrive soon

In 4 years, camera sensors would be equivalent to the image perception of human eyes. Says Samsung.

Camera Sensor

Samsung has announced that they plan to develop a 576 MP camera sensor by the year 2025. Just as Samsung introduced their 200MP camera sensor, there is another interesting piece of news from Samsung.

Samsung announced this plan at the SEMI Europe Summit by Haechang Lee, Samsung SVP & Head of Automotive Sensors. The company presented their plans to reach the 500+ megapixel milestone in the next 4 years.

This doesn’t seem impossible considering how the company has been successfully scaling down pixel size and also increasing pixel count in the last decade.

Pixel Scale downtrend

Samsung had announced back in April 2020 that, they had plans to push beyond 500-megapixels camera sensors. Now, the company has come forward and set a timeline for it but, finer details remain unknown.

By achieving such high resolutions, the company indicates that they are targeting to mimic, what they believe is equivalent to, or better than, human eye image perception.

Although, don’t expect the camera sensor to come to smartphones first. It is set to debut in the automobile industry for self-driving cars. It could also be used in virtual reality applications, drones or in medical equipment.

Even though 200MP on smartphones seemed far-fetched a few years back, it has become a reality now. It doesn’t seem unlikely to get a 500-megapixel on the flagship smartphones in the future.

Whether it matches human eye perceptions or will it become a part of smartphone specifications, needs to be seen. Until then, you can also check out details about Samsung’s new 200MP camera sensor.