Samsung has stopped showing ads on its apps like Samsung Pay and Health

Samsung Pay, Samsung Health and Weather app will not feature ads from now on

Samsung Apps not to feature ads

No one likes ads. It was common for Chinese smartphones brands like Xiaomi to blast your face with ads on every one of their apps.

Samsung also had a similar thing going on with their apps such as Samsung Pay, Galaxy themes, Samsung health and even their weather app.

Users on the Samsung Community Forum noticed that the ads on these apps had suddenly disappeared. As of October 1st, the ads are no longer served to Samsung Health and Samsung Pay.

This was confirmed by a Samsung employee which was unearthed by TizenHelp.

This is the Samsung Health Operation Manager. Please note that the banner at the top of the Samsung Health app will not be provided from October 1.

Although Samsung has only confirmed this update for its home country, the changes are being seen in the United States as well.

Samsung Pay and Samsung health featured a top banner that showed ads to the users. Now, this has disappeared. Although, there is a separate “Featured” section within the app which may include offers.

Samsung Weather has also stopped showing the ads and now just shows the temperature and forecast at the top instead of an ad banner.

Samsung had earlier announced that it would remove all such ads earlier this year. These changes although majorly limited to its home country, it will soon be applied globally as well.

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