Microsoft Office 2021 arriving on October 5th, prices and new features revealed

Microsoft Office 2021 launching on October 5

Windows 11 is finally releasing on October 5th and along with it, Microsoft has announced the new Office 11 and its pricing and features.

Office 2021 will receive some major updates and succeed the long-running Office 2019. Office 2021 will get an overall redesign to fit the design language of the new Windows 11. 

The Home and Student Edition of the Office 2021 will be priced at $149.99 and will include all the standard applications – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote and Teams.

The Home and Business Edition of the Office 2021 will be priced at $249.99 and this will include all the apps along with the rights and permission to use the Office applications for commercial purposes.

Both of these will be available on PC and Mac.

The Office 2021 will get updates in its design and UI to sync with Windows 11 design overhaul. With new icons and designs, Office 2021 will also carry over some of the collaboration features from Microsoft 365.

Although, both of these will say separate. Users will get to collaborate on a document, get OneDrive support and MS integration.

Some of the other features updates that Office 2021 is going to get are listed below.


  1. Search for things in the table or range by the row faster with XLOOKUP function.
  2. Open Document format 1.3 Support (ODF)
  3. Updated draw tab
  4. New dynamic array support
  5. Assign names to your calculations in the spreadsheet with the LET function
  6. Search for specific items in the range of cells and get their relative position with the XMATCH function.
  7. Performance improvements


  1. Open Document format 1.3 Support (ODF)
  2. Updated draw tab
  3. Performance update


  1. Re-illustrate your ink movements if you are using ink during the Powerpoint presentation.
  2. You can now arrange elements on the screen reader.
  3. Open Document format 1.3 Support (ODF)
  4. Updated draw tab
  5. Performance update

Office 2021 will be available for download on the same day WIndows 11 will be launched, that’s October 5th.

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