A new “custom feeds” feature from Bluesky enables users to subscribe to various algorithms and create their own for use by others.

Customized algorithms, or what Bluesky refers it as “customized feeds,” are undoubtedly one of the company’s most extensive alternatives which are now available to users. The idea is that you can subscribe to feeds with algorithms set to highlight entirely different types of postings than what you might see in Bluesky’s primary “What’s Hot” stream. The “custom feeds” feature of Bluesky enables users to subscribe to various algorithms and create custom ones for usage by others.

In practice, the customized feeds operate quite similarly to Twitter lists. Similar to this, you can pin specifically customized feeds, which will then appear as various tabs at the top of your timeline. From a new “My Feeds” menu in the app’s sidebar, you can select which feeds to pin. The feeds for “What’s hot” (“High trending content from the entire community”), “What’s Scorching Basic” (“The distinctive What’s hot expertise”), “Bluesky Workforce” (“Posts from members of the Bluesky Workforce”), and “Common With Associates” (“A mixture of popular content from accounts you comply with and content that your follows like”) are available by default on that tab.

My Feeds also features a section where you can look for new feeds. There are already a lot of options, including mild feeds like “Cat Pics” and “Music,” as well as feeds that pander to Bluesky’s wilder side, including “Hellthread Feed” and “What’s Alf.” The best part is that you don’t actually need to pin any feeds, so you can if you want, configure things such that you only see a reverse chronological timeline of postings from the people you follow.

How to Access Custom Feeds

You can use Bluesky’s custom feeds by following these easy steps.
Start the Bluesky app.
Select “Saved Feeds” from the Settings menu.
Check out Bluesky’s standard feeds, such as “What’s Hot.”
Click the “Discover” button to explore additional custom feeds.
Using UI components like reordering and pinning, you may manage your favorite custom feeds by subscribing to them.

Users can obtain content that is specifically catered to their interests through custom feeds, which present specialized or regional information. Because it is open-source, developers can create special algorithms to display content relevant to particular communities, resulting in a more varied user experience.

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