AKG unveils the all new master reference handheld condenser microphone – ‘C636’. The C636 is the new generation mic with the untouched legendary sound of the C535 for professional singers who are looking for highest end true studio-quality sound paired with highest stage capability.

akg c636 black yantragyanc636 yantragyanThe C535 was the legendary in the studio and it was so beloved by so many performers that a lot of people started taking it on stage. Fortunately, the C535 was not developed for the stage, so there wasn’t a lot of technology to make sure that it doesn’t get things like handling noise, wind noise or popping. So, the AKG has taken the same legendary sound of C535 that the performers loved and put it into a stage ready mic.


There’s a couple of things that AKG did to make sure that with this condenser microphone, it is really perfect for use on stage. The biggest problem of using a condenser microphone on stage, is the fact that it is so sensitive that it tends to pick up any extraneous stage noise that’s going on, whether that’s a sound of people walking on the stage, the handling noise on the mic itself, leakage from the other instruments that are playing or even the noise from the main PAs, they can pick up that can you ruin your performance. AKG has used a proprietary rubber material in the suspension of the capsule making sure that any noise, or low-frequency noise, or any handling noise doesn’t make it to the capsule itself. So the only thing that the capsule is piking up is what you are putting into it, whether it’s the vocals or any other sort of instrument.


The capsule has a magnetically attached, computer-designed windscreen that actually comes off with a magnet. The capsule has many shock absorbing factors built into it to make sure that it doesn’t capture that extraneous sounds from the stage. The grill has two layers windscreen that screws on to the mic.


The C636 essentially eliminates feedback by combining a uniform cardioid polar pattern throughout the entire frequency spectrum with a specially designed suspension and grille for the capsule. This unique approach to housing the capsule avoids unwanted sound reflections on the back of the capsule from stage sound sources, the most common cause of feedback in other microphones.


windscreen c636 yantragyanTRIPLE POP NOISE PROTECTION

When AKG artists told us that “pops were the enemy”, we listened and incorporated a multi-layer protection system to provide singers with clear, plosive-free vocal performances. The protection system spares no expense and consists of the grille, a foam layer behind the grille and a magnetically attached computer-modeled mesh layer on top of the capsule. This triple-layer protection system is virtually unique to AKG and is not found in any microphone remotely near this price range.


grill-c636-yantragyanRUGGED CONSTRUCTION

With extremely rugged zinc alloy construction and a spring steel grille, the C636 stands up to the most demanding tour schedules. And its 24-karat gold-plated capsule protects the microphone against moisture and corrosion. Just focus on your performance—the C636 will take care of the rest, night after night.


Type 3/4” Back electret condenser
Audio frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
Equivalent noise level 20 dB-A
Sensitivity 5.6 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 74 dB-A
Max. SPL for 1 % THD 150 dB
Electrical impedance 200 Ohms
Recommended load impedance 2000 Ohms
Powering Interface
Voltage 48 V
Current 4 mA
Audio Output
Type Balanced XLR
Gender Male
Contacts 3-pin
Body Metal
Finish Matte black or nickel
Dimensions / Weight
Length 185 mm
Diameter 51 mm
Net Weight 312 g


Yantragyan Says,

AKG C636 is a condenser microphone with a studio level quality and to have that on stage is really something special, keeping the rich sound of the vocals when performing on stage. Works great for vocals. The microphone comes with a price tag of INR 37,000 approx.

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