Samsung wants to prove that its foldable phones are tough

Samsung foldable screens are not so durable but Samsung publishes a video showing extensive tests done on Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 breaking screens

Recently, there have been reports of Samsung foldable phones – Samsung Galaxy Fold3 and Samsung Flip 3, were cracking where the hinge is.

Following this Samsung released a video where a number of tests are being done on these Samsung foldable phones. The tests included environmental tests, S pen tests, Water tests and folding tests.

Although these phones were released back in August, it doesn’t seem clear why are they releasing such a video now. They most probably did this following the reports of screens breaking to address the fear in consumers about the screens breaking.

Samsung’s official video of Phone testing. Source

Environmental tests included testing of phones in varying environmental conditions to make sure components like the camera and features like video playback worked properly.

With water tests, it is quite obvious they wanted to test their foldable phones in water and whether they would hold against being submerged in water.

The S Pen tests were to make sure that the digitizer under the foldable display, even where it folds performed well.

The main intention probably would be to show off the durability of the folding screens. In the test, the phones were subjected to 200000 folding and unfolding. The Samsung newsroom states that the 200000 folds and unfolds equal 5 years of use if the phone is folded and unfolded 100 times a day.

If the video shows such durability and with even extensive testing, the phones are working fine, why are the phone’s screen breaking?

A report by 9to5Google documents how a Samsung Flip 3 review unit’s screen shattered for no apparent reason. It also documents similar experiences with some other users.

Broken hinge screen on Samsung Galaxy Flip 3. Source

There is no official word from Samsung about why is such a thing happening. The foldable screen technology is still in its early stage and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Samsung has come a long way where Galaxy Fold 3 is slowly coming into the mainstream but issues like this stop people from going after these phones.

It needs to be seen what Samsung does next to address these problems or whether they will acknowledge such failures publically.