Amazon launches its own TVs – Amazon Fire TV Omni and 4-series

Amazon Fire TV Omni and the Fire TV 4-Series are the first Amazon built TVs, starting from $370.

Amazon Fire TVs - Amazon Fire TV Omni

With launch of new Amazon Fire TV series. Amazon, the E-commerce and technology giant, has now officially entered the TV market.

The two series launched are Amazon Fire TV Omni Series and 4-Series smart TVs. The Alexa powered TVs are what Amazon is calling “Amazon-built smart TVs.”

The Omni series is the higher end one of the two series launched.

Details of the two TV series launched

Amazon Fire TVs Fire TV Omni-seriesFire TV 4-Series
Screen sizes43″, 50″, 55″43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″
Best forEveryday entertainmentA cinematic home theater experience
Picture quality4K Ultra High Definition with support for HDR 10, HLG4K Ultra High Definition with support for HDR 10, HLG
Display typeLEDLED
Press and ask Alexa✔️✔️
Hands-free with Alexa✔️
Two-way video calling with Alexa Communications✔️
Dolby Vision support65″, 75″
Finish ColorBlack (45″, 50″, 55″)Black (43″, 50″, 55″), Metallic silver (65″, 75″)
Audio supportDolby Digital Plus with pass through of Dolby-encoded audioDolby Digital Plus with pass through of Dolby-encoded audio
Total HDMI Ports3 HDMI 2.0 + 1 HDMI eARC 2.13 HDMI 2.0 + 1 HDMI eARC 2.1
PricingStarting at $409.99starting at $369.99

Looking at the specifications, the TVs look quite a value for money.

Amazon is not new to the TV business. Amazon already sells TV under its brand Amazon basics. Basics brand is more of like slapping Amazon brand on 3rd party made devices.

But, this is the first time Amazon has launched TVs with some of its own hardware changes, and that too with much fan-fare.

By building the TV itself, Amazon believes it can create a more seamless Fire TV user experience than ever before.

Amazon Fire TV Omni

Fire TV Omni is the premium series. It integrates Fire TV experience and far-field voice technology directly into the TV. The Fair-field voice technology is Amazons innovation to improve their Alexa voice experience.

Hands-free voice improves entertainment

In Amazon Fire TV Omni, Alexa voice commands are always available – whether the TV is on or off or when using an HDMI input.

Providing you an all-in-one entertainment device for streaming, cable TV, music, gaming, and more.

The voice commands also give you the ability to adjust volume, brightness or switch inputs with Alexa. In addition, you can also set up a routine so when you say, “Alexa, kick off my day,” your Fire TV and smart lights turn on, and Alexa will share the weather, read your calendar, and tune to the news on live TV.

Besides this, Fire TV Omni also supports seamless integration with your existing Alexa devices. Like, for example, you can also wirelessly connect Echo devices such as the Echo Studio for Dolby Atmos, or pair other Echo smart speakers for immersive sound.

Amazon says this also works across cable boxes, gaming consoles, and over-the-air antenna programming. This feature is also available in cheaper 4-series TV.

Smarter content discovery – Here are some other interesting Alexa integrated features

“Alexa, what should I watch?”: Need a new source for great movie and TV recommendations? Alexa Conversations for Fire TV allows you to ask Alexa for a recommendation, just like you would a friend or movie expert. Alexa offers tailored TV show and movie recommendations from your favorite streaming apps like Prime Video, allowing you to refine searches by genre, actors, award-winning movies, and more, all from the comfort of your couch. “Alexa, what should I watch?” will launch in beta this year.
“Alexa, Play Something” from Netflix: Exclusively available on Fire TV and debuting this Fall, Netflix is making it easier to find something to watch. Netflix's members love the “Play Something” feature today, and soon you can simply say, “Alexa, Play Something on Netflix” from the Fire TV home screen and Netflix will launch a show or movie you might enjoy.
“Alexa, play TikTok”: Fire TV was the first to support TikTok videos on streaming media players in the UK, Germany and France, and soon, you’ll be able to access TikTok content in the U.S. and Canada. No more huddling around a cell phone to see the latest viral videofrom your Fire TV, you can view and discover TikTok feeds and use AutoPlay, which will serve a continuous content feed without interruptions. Just say, “Alexa, play TikTok” to get started.
Discover more with X-Ray on Prime Video: X-ray is an exclusive feature on Prime Video that helps you learn more about what (or who) you’re watching on Fire TV. While watching Cinderella, just ask Alexa for information in the moment, such as “Alexa, who is this actor?” to see details about the actors in that scene appear at the bottom of your screen. You can also get bios, filmographies, facts, trivia, character backstories, photo galleries, bonus video content, and more, so you don’t have to pick up your phone.

Amazon Fire TV 4 series

Alongside Omni series, Amazon also launched the cheaper Fire TV 4-series TV. Fire TV 4-series have 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 and HLGalso.

The 4-series lineup includes 43”, 50”, and 55” model sizes. They also support most of the Alexa commands. The Fire TV 4-Series doesn’t have far-field microphones and instead includes an Alexa Voice Remote. This means voice controls are supported only via remote, unlike in Omni series where you directly can give command to TV without any remote.

Looking at the TVs which are being called “Amazon Built”. According to the reports, Amazon devices and Lab126 teams has been working to launch Alexa powered TV for 2 years.

The only Amazon innovation seems to be in, Far-field microphone technology along with great Alexa integration. Rest, they are for sure being manufactured by third party TV manufacturers – like TCL.

TCL 6-series (Left) and Amazon Fire TV Omni (Right)

If you see, the Amazon Fire TV Omni resembles the TCL 6 series and the port layout seem to be nearly identical.

TCL 4-series (Left) and Amazon Fire TV 4-series (Right)

In case of Fire TV 4-series. Have you thought what could be the reason behind naming it 4-series?

The name is straightway the same as the TCL “4-series” range of TVs. If you simply Google “4-series TV”, you get the current line of Roku TCL TVs

Pricing And Availability

Fire TV Omni Series pricing:

  • 75-inch: $1,099.99 (with Dolby Vision)
  • 65-inch: $829.99 (with Dolby Vision)
  • 55-inch: $559.99
  • 50-inch: $509.99
  • 43-inch: $409.99

Fire TV 4-Series pricing:

  • 55-inch: $519.99
  • 50-inch: $469.99
  • 43-inch: $369.99

All TVs will be available next month (October) in the United States, exclusively at Amazon and Best Buy. The international availability other than US including countries like Germany, India, Australia is scheduled for later this year.

Alongside the “Amazon-built” TVs. Amazon and Best Buy have announced more Fire TV sets from Toshiba and Pioneer. This is expansion of Amazon Fire TV Edition partnership where companies like Toshiba, Croma launch Amazon Fire TV UI based television sets.

Toshiba’s models will be coming around spring 2022. Models will have integrated far-field microphones, and Pioneer will release budget-priced 43-inch and 50-inch sets.

With all that said. Fire TVs do lack some features like HDMI 2.1, 120Hz refresh rate. Amazon says they do support auto low-latency mode, but there is no further clarity on that part. Also, Amazon has not shared the details about other display features like local array dimming.

But looking at price point. Amazon Fire TVs seem like a great value for money buy

Amazon has always tried to sway any market by being highly competitive in prices. We can see this strategy working great with Amazon Fire-Tablets, where they almost dominate the low-budget Tablet market.

With Launch of “Amazon Built” Fire TV Omni and 4-Series series at great value for money price points. Amazon is surely repeating the same strategy. Also, being ever more present in our living rooms with their expanding range of products.