cardA USB sound card is also known as ‘audio card’ or ‘audio interface’. It provides an easy way to directly connect any 3.5mm audio pin (headphones or mic) to your computer’s USB port for convenient use with audio workstation software for music production, recording or sequencing without any extra equipment. Most music makers or recording artists use this USB sound cards. Also it can be used to add bigger audio system to your computer or laptop.

No special drivers are required, just “plug and play” with your Windows PC or Mac.

Simply plug the headphones and mic to the back side of the sound card, and the USB connector into your computer.

First time connection

The first time you connect USB sound card to your computer, all the necessary drivers will install automatically and the device will then be ready to use. This may be used with any software that support USB mics and headphones.

Note: Try to connect the USB sound card in the same port every time you plug it in.

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