Today, the basic version of the iPhone 6s with 16 GB of memory costs around 44,998.00 rupees, and a top 128-GB – costs around 67 000 rupees. Thus, if you want to get 128 GB of storage, you have to add to the entry-level 22000 rupees, or 235 US dollars. However, if users wish to save considerably, there is a way to do memory up-gradation of the smartphone for only   $ 60 or Rs 3900, but for this you have to go to China.

iPhone upgradation, memory

We came across a video from a startup in China, which in only half an hour was be able to transform the iPhone from the cheapest to the most expensive iPhone (16 Gb to 128 GB). On watching the video one can see, how easy and fast they carry out the procedure.

By the way, thanks to the wizard, you can become the owner of even non-existent iPhone models: Installation  of 32-gigabyte memory card in the machine will cost only $ 20 or Rs 1300. Unfortunately, the procedure can be done only for the iPhone 6 and earlier versions like iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, but something tells us that in the near future the Chinese will be warmly welcoming this method of cheap upgradation. Plus right we may have to fly to Chine for grtting iPhone upgradation. In India we would call this method a sort of “Jugaad”

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