Nokia – connecting people, the iconic start screen lines . We all remember Nokia mobiles. The most liked mobile brand. It is finally making a comeback in mobile devices segment after a not so good run with Lumia devices. Which it finally sold to Microsoft in a deal worth $7.2 Billion. This deal which barred the company from using it’s Brand name will be ending this year.

For those of you, who do not know Nokia Mobile was just part of the parent company Nokia. Parent company is still running good. Nokia Telecommunication forms the major part of the Nokia company. It is networks related company. But still most of us only know about Nokia Mobiles, which ultimately got lost in the mobile war with giants Samsung and Apple. Things may be turning around now.

By the end of 2016 or starting 2017, 4 new Nokia branded devices will be launched. The 4 new devices will be mix of smartphones and tablets. All the devices will be Android powered.

According to brand this move is “Uniting one of the world’s iconic mobile brands with leading mobile operating system”. However Nokia will not be directly involved in manufacturing and distribution of devices. They will just be providing technology and patents.

Devices will be developed by HMD Global. Nokia has signed an agreement with HMD Global. This can be also seen on the official website of HMD Global. HMD Global along with Foxconn‘s FIH Mobile will be manufacturing, marketing and distributing the Nokia branded devices. You should also know that Foxconn also manufactures iPhones for Apple.

HMD global has already bought naming rights from Microsoft as well. Microsoft has even sold their mobile phone division to Foxconn. Together both HMD and Taiwanese Firm Foxconn has taken over feature mobile from Microsoft for $350 million or Rs 2349 Crores. Also HMD Global Plans to invest $500 million or Rs 3356 Crores for marketing of the Brand.

HMD Global will be headed by Arto Nummela as CEO, current head of Microsoft Mobile division for Africa and Asia pacific. Florian Seiche as President and Pekka Rantala as CMO. Pekka Rantala was former CEO of Rovio (Company behind Angry birds). All three of them were previous employees of Nokia. So, the new HMD Global company formed in 2015 comprise mainly of veteran Nokia staff.

If all things remain on track the company will be launching the 4 devices by end of this year or First quarter of 2017. The Nokia China President, Mike Wang has confirmed the news about 4 new devices. We would definitely love to see new devices. Comment below what do you think. Like us on facebook for more tech news.