You probably thought Photo filters have become same repetitive or somewhat boring. Meet the Prisma app, the best photo filter app. It has literally revolutionized what photo filters could do. In basic terms, Prisma app lets apply variety of filter to your pictures and then you can share via Facebook, Instagram etc. But there is lot more than that to Prisma.

App is made by a small team based out of Moscow,  Russia. This app makes use complex technologies like neural networks, same used by Google to drive it’s  search networks. For long people have thought creating little , complex details like a handmade painting is not possible through these photo filters. Then Prisma App happens, you could even argue that Prisma doesn’t apply filters or overlays. It redraws and alters your images to make them truly appear like art.

Prisma app Photo child road_yantragyan

What Popular photo filters like Instagram do is, create subtler overlays that focus on the most essential and eye-pleasing enhancements (like setting contrast and saturation of photos same as setting bass, treble to music). Conventional photo filter, however, suffer from being obvious overlays that are easily recognizable. Sometimes even distorting the original image. Making things artistic isn’t supposed to be a one-click or one-tap affair, and it certainly isn’t supposed to be repetitive. Well, Prisma isn’t  changing the simplicity of its predecessors, however it has completely eradicated the issue of predictability and repetition.

Prisma app Photo_yantragyan

Prisma App algorithms detect objects in scenes and generate — which intelligently manipulates your image to turn it into an artwork of a particular style you select. There are of the dozens of signature looks that you can apply to your photo from the app.

Prisma does a conversion and a transformation that truly alters a picture, generating a distinct and refreshingly new creation every time. Like the famous Pokémon Go, Prisma has been an instant hit with users, which has overloaded its servers and led to longer processing times and even moments where the service is unavailable.

The app is internet operated, mainly because of it’s AI-assisted processing. So it has complex process going underneath it’s simple interface than a straightforward Instagram filter and upload — though the results it produces are so good that none of that matters.


Prisma app was first available for iOS and now its is available for android as well. Beware of lot of fake crappy apps that have cropped up in the Google Playstore. So look for app that has developer name as Prisma Labs as shown in pic.

Link for the App

Android – Click Here

iOS  – Click Here

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