Flute :- The Hindu God- Lord Krishna is traditionally considered a master of the bamboo flute. The Indian flute/bamboo flute is an important instrument in Indian classical music, and developed independently of the Western influence. It provides the most soothing effect in a music tone.

 It is considered as one of the toughest instrument to be learned. Because if we talk about any other instrument like tabla, guitar, drums, piano etc, if an immature beginner plays any instrument, the instrument produces some sound either it be good or bad, but in case of flute if the same person plays flute, he won’t be able to produce any sound out of it. And this is the reason why many people leave it, before they start learning it.


1. Always take an expert along while purchasing a flute.
2. A beginner should always begin learning it under the guidance of an expert only, for correct positioning of fingers and to produce the best sound from it.
3. A beginner should start with ‘C#’ scale flute.

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