It is always a proud moment for Yantragyan to review a product from an audio systems manufacturing company- ‘House of Marley’. Before we review of the product Yantragyan always loves to mention the uniqueness of the company. “House of Marley” is the only company that manufactures all its products using recycled materials and FSC certified wood. Even the box comes with recycled paper and plastic.
formatfactorysam_4516And this is not the end, the company also supports ‘1love’, the Marley family charitable organization. This global movement is dedicated to youth, planet and peace.

Design and Comfort

Em-Jh073-Sd Liberate Saddle are ‘on-ear’ headphones, meaning they don’t completely cover your ears. This is advantageous on a part because ears won’t get sweaty after long hours of listening. The headphones have the comfort of wearing them and eye catching look. The steel band, fabric, protein leather, and wood brings a feel of royalty.

design cups yantragyan
Each set position for the ear cups delivers a good click. The wire is insulated with thick upholstery thread and makes it tangle-free cord with an inline volume and play/pause controls and microphone and a right-angle 3.5mm connector.
Em-Jh073-Sd yantragyan

Audio Quality

We all might have heard to a loud pair of headphones before but they are even louder than the others lying in this range. Like its other products, Em-Jh073-Sd Liberate Saddle also continues in the line of heavy bass sound that reflects Marley “Signature Sound”. The headphones are having stunningly precise mids and an energised high-end. They also sound good in noisy areas like market or while travelling in a bus.

Thus, its a very good deal for all those who are fond of heavy bass and intelligent highs with loud sound at a price tag of INR 3,199.

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