The harmonium is one of the most commonly used instruments in music industry today. It is found in almost any household that has an interest in Indian music. It is used to accompany classical vocal music, semi-classical forms, ghazals, bhajans (devotional songs), it’s also used by many musicians and composers as the instrument of choice for musical support while composing new melodies.  Now-days its even used in western music.

Harmoniums are made of wood.Most commonly used woods are ‘Pine’ or ‘Teak’.

Many of the harmonium have scale changer in them which helps the player to produce the sound of scales, above and below the key that is being pressed. It also helps the singer to sing from the scale which suits him the best without changing the beginning key.

  Air is pumped into an enclosed space by means of bellows. The keyboard has 42 keys and so supplies you with a tonal range of 3 1/2 octaves. Harmonium traditionally suits better for accompaniment during performance of Ghazals, Thumri, Indo Pakistani classical music, and some other types of Indian music.

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