Monday, May 29, 2017


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Meet Rs 251($3.6) Phone :Freedom 251

The market is flooded with cheap android phone nowadays. But, have you ever came across a Rs 251 or $3.6 phone. Yes, meet Freedom 251. Phone comes from a Indian company Ringing...

Upgrade your iPhone from 16 GB to 128 GB

Today, the basic version of the iPhone 6s with 16 GB of memory costs around 44,998.00 rupees, and a top 128-GB - costs around 67 000 rupees. Thus, if you want...

All About Power Bank

When phone battery is dead and do not have charger. There is one thing that can save you: Power bank. It has become common these days. Our market is flooded with...
Device secret codes

Secret Codes for your Device

  Secret Codes are primarily used by manufacturers to test their devices before the sale or during production. Today we look at the codes for all Android-devices, as well as separately for...